Yo, Conservatives: Why You Gotta Lie?

| August 8, 2013 | 3 Comments

Michelle Malkin: A typical Conservative liar and professional victim.

My gripe today is with American Conservatives. Many of them claim to know Jesus personally, but these conservatives today wouldn’t know Jesus if he appeared to them as a panhandler asking for dinner money. I have problems with how Conservatives lie. It’s one thing to play a political game and tell half-truths (I loathe that, too), but it’s another thing to just blatantly lie so that you and your party “win” at the end of the day. Lies don’t last long and they fail horribly. They result in a loss of trust. Why do you want to play that game, Conservatives? The truth is like brick. It doesn’t fade away. It doesn’t change. Sometimes it hurts when it’s thrown.


“There ain’t no substitute for the truth; either it is, or it isn’t.” – India.Arie

Why, Conservatives, are you waging a war against Obamacare that is based on lies? For instance, a bunch of Conservative groups are out fighting hard to stop Americans from signing up for the Obamacare exchanges in October, claiming that young people don’t need to sign up for it because they’re by-and-large healthy. If young people don’t sign up for it, then the system will collapse and implode. Young people should instead break the law (!) and pay a penalty instead of being forced to sign up for healthcare they may not need. I know that young people tend to be healthier than most, but that doesn’t negate the good an annual physical can do to make you better informed about your health. Something might be caught during an exam that could save your life. FreedomWorks wants people to attend Obamacare ID card burning rallies. They equate it to the Vietnam War draft where young people burned their draft cards in protest of the war. Really. They want people to burn their fake cards in protest of a law that makes it legal for you to have a way to pay for any damage you’ll undertake while burning said card and maybe yourself. Conservatives are underhanded (“Force people to drop out of the law and it will collapse!”) and not smart in having people play with fire in order to prove a political point.


This is like Vietnam? Really?! These hoes…

The Heritage Foundation wants the law de-funded by Congress and is working with lobbyists and Americans, presumably by spreading misinformation about the law, to get that done. They say it is an unjust law because of the individual mandate that they proposed decades ago! Now Conservatives are crying about their proposal that was made into law by a guy (President Obama) they don’t like, and lying by not owning up to creating the idea of an individual mandate in order to bring down healthcare costs.

 photo tumblr_m1cq78RFTJ1qhcsyw_zps2312f76a.gif

So, you came up with an idea that the black man liked and now you hate it?

Finally, we have another Conservative group who made an anti-Obamacare ad that aired on Saturday Night Live, aimed at young people. (Really, #doe, who is a young person who is watching television on a Saturday night/Sunday morning between 11:35p-1:00a? Aren’t most of them [even Conservative ones] out drinking and such?) Advertising executives were trying to figure out how to sell an unpopular product. Listen, they make fun plates and utensils for toddlers to eat vegetables, so if you can’t figure out how to promote a law that stops health care companies from denying people the coverage they need and establishing care limits, and gives back money to consumers if their premium isn’t used for 85% health care coverage, you have bigger problems.

 photo tumblr_inline_mlzs9tEwig1qz4rgp_zps31d9063f.gif

It doesn’t just stop at Obamacare. Conservatives are lying to women at Pregnancy Counseling Centers about the effectiveness of condoms on STDs and pregnancy. If you’re counseling someone about their pregnancy, why scare them with stuff that isn’t true about birth control methods? And then asking why they’re having sex when they’re not married? Are these Christian churches or non-religious-affiliated-state-funded counseling centers instead? Conservatives are now lying about pregnancy and STDs along with shaming people for having premarital sex and not being Christians.


“Me take the wheel! Dad Almighty! I can’t take this!”

Way to go, alleged Christ-followers. You’ve conflated being a Christian with being a Conservative (Republican) long enough that people think they’re the same in this country and helped Satan in his goal of ruining what it means to love Jesus in front of others who don’t know him. #Winning

You’re pathetic. Stop lying. About everything. Trust me, you won’t like what happens to you once you’re found out. Also, get some truth about Obamacare and stop being scared of a law that is a step in the right direction. At least lobby your Congressperson to amend it to make it better. Besides, most people who have health care coverage have it through their employer and are limited by the choices their employer made anyway. What’s the big deal?

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    About the Pastor’s firing. My next message is titled “deliver me from church folk”. The deacons fired the pastor for attending a rock concert, shame on them. I would be willing to say that each and every Sunday that church’s choir sing songs (gospel) and play instruments ( drums, the organ , the piano and sometimes horn instruments) that sound as though one was at a concert instead of a church. Yes, as those same head in the sand Holier that thou deacons clap faint and yell out “PRAISE THE LORD”. All I can say is “deliver me from church folk”.

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