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Keene Point of View | Episode 29 – Gripes & Praises; Rebukes & Phases


Happy Friday!

This week: I have some gripes for Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter Show Tour and praises for P!nk’s Truth About Love Tour (and for P!nk herself). I have some rebukes for a church in North Carolina that fired their pastor for attending a Rick Ross concert and for an anti-Hillary Clinton Super PAC with their “Slap Hillary” game. Finally, I take Russia to task for picking on gay people during their current “Let’s Pick on Gay People” phase, which needs to stop because those against gay people dress fabulously, are muscle-bound, and are probably gay themselves. Thanks for watching! Enjoy!

Keene Point of View – the BEST intersection blog/vlog of gay issues, politics, and Christianity. EVER.


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