Eric Holder: “Let My People Go!”

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On the way into my 9-5 today I heard about how U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder (President Obama’s inner n-word; no, really, some black dude with awful hair who is probably married to or aspires to be married to someone White said that about President Obama) is planning to stop the Federal Government from issuing mandatory severe sentences for lesser drug crimes.

“We must never stop being tough on crime. But we must also be smarter on crime. Too many Americans go to too many prisons for far too long, and for no good law-enforcement reason … Although incarceration has a role to play in our justice system, widespread incarceration at the federal, state and local levels is both ineffective and unsustainable.” – Eric Holder Luther King,  Jr.

I, for one, welcome this change. Our prisons are overcrowded and far too many Americans, indeed, are in jail for reasons that could probably be corrected through rehab and mandated community service (or a good volunteer warning program).


Meet David. He has racism and anger issues. He was sent to a prison to interact with these black inmates. David had to comb an inmate’s chest hair. He was also told to not pull out any hairs while combing. Amazing and fun times!

Yes, it’s about time for some people to be free. I mean, all that time sitting in jail breeds a mindset of always being a prisoner. You spend your life in jail, you don’t know how to function in the real world. Also, when I think about all the people who…WAIT A MINUTE.

Eric Holder is black.


He is black. I mean, sure, he qualifies for Alpha Kappa Alpha based on skin color alone, but he is black.

President Obama is also (half-) black.


…with bonus smoker’s lips…

So, what we have here is two black men in powerful positions in the U.S. Government who can affect policy and make changes that, oh I don’t know, benefit men and women of their own race!


 photo yaaaaasgif_zpsba8ac9e2.gif

Look, President Obama can’t always speak up and do things openly for black people as President of the United States, less he forget that he’s President for all of the United States of America. (I know that the white Presidents did stuff for themselves all the time, but they think of themselves as “America,” so they didn’t really have to be conscious of it. Yes, it’s a double standard.) I am glad that Attorney General Eric Holder is finally doing something about it. I mean, we have a system that is indeed set against blacks and Latinos when they are incarcerated at much higher rates for the same crimes as Whites. And White people are the ones using drugs more than other racial and ethnic groups. 

I heard some blow-back from this from local Attorneys General in my area who said that criminals are in jail for a reason; they were put there to clean up bad neighborhoods. Yeah, but that hasn’t helped. And it’s just part of a bigger problem with deep roots to the days when slaves were first freed and laws were made to keep them “in check” by assuming that they were all angry bitter criminals. It’s the same mindset that leads others in America to believe that white people don’t commit crimes, when evidence shows that everyone has bad apples in their bunch, no matter who they are.

I hope this works out for us. I hope that we begin to see a reduction in sentences for less-serious drug crimes. I also hope that we see a big morale boost in the U.S. among blacks and Latinos now that the system won’t expect the very worst of them at first sight.


Finally, I laugh at this because blacks and Latinos are incarcerated unequally in the U.S., but the first Latino Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, just let the system stay broken. President Obama and his people are indeed proving to be the Fixers.

olivia pope and associates

Pope & Associates: Professional Fixers
(But their personal lives? Man, listen…struggle, oppression, brokenness, and despair.)

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