Pat Buchanan Is Satan’s Boy-Toy

| August 13, 2013 | 3 Comments
Satan's Side Piece, Pat Buchanan

Satan’s Side Piece, Pat Buchanan

Y’all, I had to pray so much just now trying to write this post without cursing. Pat Buchanan is at it again. First, he wrote a book saying that White Americans are becoming a minority and that’s a bad thing for the United States because while equality is okay to have, White people should still be driving the equality bus and not sharing driving duties. This is the same attitude that people had in the 1800s – slaves should be free, but Whites should get preferential treatment because, you know, they’re White.

Those who believe the rise in power of an Obama rainbow coalition of peoples of color means the whites who helped to engineer it will steer it are deluding themselves. The whites may discover what it is like to ride in the back of the bus. – Pat Buchanan


Please, God, make it stop.

Exactly when did White people get the idea that “White is right” enough to think that the idea of such a thing would never be challenged? White culture has come to define what is American. Apple pie and baseball. Grilling meat with no seasonings, spreading democracy with a delusion that it’ll work, and the rigidity of our country’s flag. All great American accomplishments. Most of the people who get into that are White, though. (Before y’all start, the U.S. has an ugly flag compared to other nations. I know the symbolism of the flag, but the layout is boring and rigid. Have you seen South Africa’s flag? It’s wondrous.) I’m tired of the notion that the White American way of life is the proper way of life. It’s not even consistent across the board among the race.

So, today, Pat Buchanan (who claims to have accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior) took it upon himself to write a column defending Russian President Vladimir Putin (who was in the KGB as a secret agent and smirked when some of his dissidents mysteriously died) for his new anti-homosexuality laws. Putin stated that the Russian Orthodox Church is essential to Russian identity. According to Buchanan, this means that Putin believes in the church as a way to go back to centering Russia’s morality on God, and not power, as is what usually happens when a church or religious group overtakes a government.


Corruptus en extremis.

My problem with this is that Buchanan claims to be a Christian but is championing a man who is persecuting gays by threatening them with jail time. I wouldn’t put it past Putin to institute concentration camps for gays or even death camps for gays as they are an easily targeted minority. This actually breaks my heart that Pat Buchanan continues to spew bile from his fetid mouth. Furthermore, when did it become de rigueur to blame gay people for a country’s moral ills? Gay rights is a moral problem? And the only one?

 photo g011_two_baby_lions_look_at_each_other_in_shock_zps2d8fd96f.gif

Isn’t your first duty as a Christian (when it comes to others) showing them love and extending grace? I don’t see any of that from Pat Buchanan. I just hear Satan-fueled hatred and division coming from him and I’m sick of it. I want him to learn to listen to others and stop speaking from a place of straight white male privilege, thinking that no matter what someone is going through, his way of life is best and everyone should adapt to make him more comfortable. It is completely wrong to support a President who codified discrimination against a group of people. But this shouldn’t surprise me. This is, after all, a man who went on a “white pride” radio show to talk about his views, which seemed to line right up with the show’s presenter – basically, white (non-Jewish) people need to have babies in order to reestablish white dominance over other races in the world. No reason for doing so was ever stated. Presumably, preserving the status quo for things like preferential treatment should make everyone feel better.

Paula Deen Credit: Radar Online

Credit: Radar Online

What should Pat Buchanan do? It would be nice if he stopped supplanting his Christian faith with his political and racial beliefs. Maybe some time serving in a 3rd world country as a missionary in a rural area serving with local churches there would do him some good. I’d prefer he do it in Haiti, Central America, or Central Africa where virtually no one speaks English. It can change your life and outlook on many things. Take it from me.

But for now, I’ll continue to be outraged from my computer at this pathetic stump of a man masquerading as a compassionate child of God. I can’t wait for him to meet Jesus and want to go to Hell instead of Heaven, which is being run by a Brown man. Pat Buchanan should get along well with Satan, with whom Buchanan apparently keeps close company.

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