Kumar Won’t Leave White Castle

| August 14, 2013 | 6 Comments

kumar diptic

Racists are really trying my patience this week. Yesterday, Pat Buchanan tried my patience with his racism and homophobia, saying that it’s more patriotic of Americans to want heterosexual White people to lead their lives. Last night, I was on Twitter minding my business like a faithful soldier for Jesus Christ should (O_O) when I came across a discussion centering around a Federal judge’s decision to strike down New York City’s controversial “Stop and Frisk” Law that disproportionately targets Blacks and Latinos. The judge cited that as a reason for its being unconstitutional. NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that he will appeal the judge’s decision because the city has the right to intimidate its citizens by stopping them and frisking them for drugs and weapons simply by profiling them, even if they check out “clean” after you tried to bust them for committing a crime before they had the chance to do it. Is NYC in the world of Minority Report?

The last person I’d think would comment on this is someone who is a Liberal Democrat, minority, and thespian who works for the Obama administration, but that’s exactly who chimed in regretting how the law was struck down.

kal penn

This is what Kal Penn said about the law being struck down.

Ch…I don’t have the time.

Kal Penn actually believes the lie that Blacks and Latinos commit more crimes, thus the law is justified in racially profiling them and intimidating them? Really, dude? Kal, a victim of a mugging in DC, states that most people who commit violent crimes and Black and Latino, and the law helped to stop that, so it’s sad that it was struck down by an “activist” judge. Can someone tell this brown man that he’s not white and that he might be stopped and frisked if the wrong light showed him looking more Latino one day than Indian? Furthermore, Kal, according to FBI data, white people commit most crimes in general and against white people. This is why people think celebrities are vapid and vacuous, Kal.

Kal Penn clearly has taken up residence in the castle of Scared White People and latched onto wrong beliefs about crime in the United States. Who else resides there? Orson Scott Card, the author of the best-selling Ender’s Game military science-fiction novel.


Orson, a disaffected-with-President Obama Democrat, wrote an article where he said that Obama will employ out-of-work urban youth (thugs) as his personal police force to enforce his dictatorial rule. Because President Obama is totally ignoring the Constitution and just running the country in his own way, even though he didn’t get everything he wanted with debt-limit increases and the health care reform law (and still can’t make the GOP like him). Apparently, according to Card, Michelle Obama will run for office in 2016 to keep President Obama in power from “behind the throne” and will violently suppress anyone in the media who thinks this is wrong. Orson and Kal need to take Xanax and regular trips outside of White Castle in order to find out what life is like in the real world. What kind of deluded mess…?


Finally, the last resident of White Castle, former Ronald Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan, spoke up today to teach President Obama about class in his hoped-for response to a rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask to spoof the President. Noonan said that Obama should say, “so what” and champion free speech, but he won’t because every time Obama is made fun of, he apparently dislikes it so much that he speaks out against it as racist. This is the same woman who said that Washington, D.C., would vote overwhelmingly for Mitt Romney, especially in Ward 3 (where all the old money and mansions are) and NAWL, PEGGY, DC DIDN’T DO THAT, just like you shouldn’t lecture someone on class when you have no personal experience with the term whatsoever.

Stay pressed, White Castle residents! We’ll soldier on without you.

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  1. monty says:

    Orson Scott Card gets mixed up in all kinds of stuff like this– he’s very anti gay as well, and kind of horrible. And he writes books that will knock your socks off, that (at least as far as I noticed) don’t really hint at his prejudices. I rationalize that I can like his books and disagree with his beliefs because lots of authors/directors/athletes are pretty reprehensible, and it seems like I should be able to like a book without injecting politics into it. But I definitely don’t feel solid about that. Do you think I’m wrong? Have you read Ender’s Game?

    • jamin says:

      Hey, Monty. No, I have not read it. There’s a movie coming out about it, so…maybe I’ll see that? I think you can like a person’s work and divorce it from their beliefs, but it depends on how strongly you associate a person with their beliefs about something with which you strongly agree or strongly disagree. That will make it seem more like poisoning yourself versus the “I don’t care, just do what you do” feeling.

  2. monty says:

    it’s hard, cuz his book was a much beloved classic long before he started writing all this ugly shit. Maybe one day I’ll re-read his stuff and scan it closer for crazy. On an only a little bit related note, are you familiar with the story behind the Education of Little Tree? Pretty crazy- http://www.texasmonthly.com/content/real-education-little-tree

    i had to read that book in 7th grade, and I’d bet 20 bucks my teacher had no idea what she was assigning.

    • jamin says:

      Wow, I hope she didn’t know. She probably didn’t know. Yeah, it’s sad that insane and hateful people can be creative, then you wonder why you ever liked them when you hear from them again or look at their work (Victoria Jackson).

  3. monty says:

    I totally second that. I loved her in UHF. If you read that Tom Shales SNL book, it turns out everyone on the show hated her guts.

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