Deadbeat Dad Joe Walsh Thanks God For Racial Profiling

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I wonder what goes through the minds of some people sometimes. For instance, you could be a man who felt entitled to reelection, but didn’t get it, and tried to use that justification for a reduction in child support payments now that you lost your job. If you’re that person, you’re Joe Walsh, former Illinois Republican (Tea Party) Congressman.


Could he have at least buttoned his suit jacket?

Now, say that you’re not asked to provide an opinion on racial profiling in police work concerning things like Stop-and-Frisk in NYC, and about how that would be good for Chicago, which is your city (you actually live in the suburbs), because 97% of violent crime committed in the city of Chicago is committed by blacks and Latinos. You think that this is good police work to assume the worst of all blacks and Latinos in your city, and that is completely okay, forgetting that most violent crime in the country is committed by white people…against other white people. You say nothing about how we might need to start racially profiling white people outside of NYC and Chicago. Again, you’d be Joe Walsh, whose kids don’t know what it’s like to have a father provide for them.

So, that’s Joe Walsh, ladies and gentlemen. He says that racial profiling (or any profiling) in order to keep white people in a false sense of safety and security is a price that others who fit the profiled category need to pay for the greater good. So, blacks and Latinos in Chicago, if you’re stopped while going to the 24-hour grocery store at 2 a.m. on a Saturday morning in sweatpants and a T-shirt with flip flops, you’re clearly up to no good, even as check your grocery list on your iPhone and pay for your groceries with your gold bank card.

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Look, I get his point, but good police work just doesn’t assume the worst about everyone who fits a broad general description. That’s what leads to military dictatorships and carte blanche to oppress others who don’t look like you or agree with you.

If Joe truly is pressed for money to feed his children, he’d be best served looking for legitimate work and not obsessing about unfair “police work,” which only benefits men who look like him. I keep thinking that guys like Joe Walsh would be completely okay with segregation coming back or even slavery for anyone who isn’t white. Or if all minorities got thrown in jail. I sense that he’d be just fine with that.

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