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Republicans Should Stop Being Stupid

Republicans are being pretty stupid right now. If they were acting intransigent for a good reason that they could actually articulate, I would listen to their side of the story. Right now, though? It’s just a bunch of whining and I’m sick of it. Dwight D. Eisenhower would fire on you with tanks if he could see what you’ve done to his party, GOP.

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Episode 36 – A Crazy Cruz-y Week

Happy Friday! This week I’m talking about Ted Cruz’s antics in the Senate which helped no one but Ted Cruz and his ego. I also


A Domestic Twitter Dispute

This is, I think, my first Twitter misunderstanding. I’ve heard about them before, but man, they’re not fun. Two options remain when that happens: Explain or Tweet Through It. I did both today.

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Episode 35 | Twerking For The Pope

This week has been a doozy personally and in the news. First, Aaron Alexis went on a rampage at the Navy Yard in DC on Monday because, why not, you know? My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their loved ones, and the shooter’s family.

We also got Grand Theft Auto V (sold $800 million in 24 hours), then iOS 7 came out, then I had a terrible Thursday evening and got flipped off by a pedestrian when THEY were in the wrong. Politically…


Gays Are Messy – Part 4: Promiscuity

Relationships take time. Relationships take effort. Relationships require levels of vulnerability. Who wants to be vulnerable when you can stop letting yourself feel for someone else who will only wind up hurting you? Who wants to be vulnerable when you might reveal something normally hidden from others and be exploited with it later?


Gays Are Messy – Part 3: Late Life Regrets

Unrestrained, men will sleep with any available hole if they’re horny enough. Actually, if pregnancy, social shame, and potential diseases were not byproducts of sex, I think virtually everyone would be getting it in as much as they could, even in public. I think that people inherently are hos, mostly, and it doesn’t matter your gender or sexual orientation. Some just practice their hoing more than others.

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Aaron Alexis: Maniac Monday in DC

What is happening in this country? Why are so many people clinging harder to their guns and living in a state of constant paranoia and fear? Why are so many people still racist?

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Episode 34 | Hip-Hop Failed Mr. Cee

Happy Friday! This week I’m talking about how Vladimir Putin is suddenly for truth, justice, and the American way. Iowa pastor Brent Girouex “raped away the gay” from teen boys, but sadly isn’t going to jail. Mr. Cee came out as a man who enjoys sex with prostitutes and stupid black people everywhere continue to embarrass society and fail at social progress in response. I hope you enjoy!


8 Simple Rules for Womenfolk

Bottom line: do what you need to do, women. Great is what you’re meant to be. Go be great. God will be more pleased with that, wherever you choose to be great that still honors Him. Don’t let people like Raylan put you inside of a box…just because she’s probably bitter over how her life turned out.

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Dear GOP: Please Impeach Obama

Come on, GOP! Right this wrong! Who cares if you’ll win a conviction against President Obama? It only matters that you tried. That’s what America will remember of your recent work under Obama and your enduring legacy.

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