The Syrian Civil War Confuses Me

| September 4, 2013 | 2 Comments

Hi, Keenes and Queens. Y’all like that name? No? Okay, I’ll keep trying, Keen(e) People! I’ll stop.

Alright, so, the video from Friday is still being edited. I look a mess in it. I look tired. I look like Kelly Price without makeup on R&B Divas L.A., but without the semi-unwarranted self-entitlement. (She disturbs my spirit so much on the show, y’all.)


Kelly Price, who is “completely booked,” (where? We don’t know) according to her on R&B Divas – L.A.

So, just to warn you, like the finger waves on the side of Kelly Price’s head that lead up to her sew-in, it’s not pretty. But I’ll post the video today or tomorrow. And then a new one on Friday.

But about TODAY? Today, I’m confused about the Syrian Civil War. And I’m not confused about what’s happening, but I’m confused over what to do. I don’t see this as Iraq or Afghanistan, where we went in based on a lie just to get back at someone as a personal vendetta and to get more oil (Iraq) or went after someone (who could have been taken out with a special forces team) as an experiment to see how we did toppling governments to put up our own bases to surround Iran and get more oil (Afghanistan). I see it as us moving closer to becoming more entrenched in the Middle East, though, and I don’t like it. I don’t like it more now that we seem to be going in alone here and having a proxy war with Russia (Syria’s staunchest ally who turns a blind eye to Syria killing its own people) over who will blink first.



Syria is involved in a Civil War. The Syrian government used chemical weapons against their own people who were fighting the government. So many children died. Usually, civil wars are fought on their own and we just work with the results afterward (Tunisia, Egypt, the United States, etc.). But I know that if I were in a civil war against my government and they used chemical weapons to get an upper hand, I’d want someone to make them pay. I’d want justice. But I just have a problem with the U.S. refereeing from the outside, destroying their chemical plants (or what we think are chemical plants but might actually be rebel strongholds, which would help the government to easily win the war – from where are we getting this intelligence without anyone being inside?), and then essentially saying, “Well, we’re done. Now, y’all fight fair and finish this war. USA out!” It’s not that easy.

The U.S. and I are war-weary. Former President George W. Bush and his neoconservative lunatics got us into two wars that are a complete and utter mess because they were based on an ill-conceived strategy and a lie, and you simply cannot impose democracy on people by invading their country and setting up your own puppet government when the people didn’t ask for freedom by fighting for it, which is what most countries do when they want to be free. They fight. Then they ask for help. Then they win. Then they have a mess of something to figure out to establish a viable government. I don’t want us to keep getting deeper and deeper into a mess that, while horrible, isn’t really our business. Right? I wish I knew.


Bashar al-Assad, Syria’s dicta…President. He doesn’t look that harmful, but…my goodness.

I want something that can stop Assad. I just don’t know what that should be. If we get involved, we’re back to policing the world. We can do some good here, but we can’t get out of it easily. I wish there was an easy answer.

Also, for those who said President Obama was wrong for intervening in Libya by a) not going through Congress and b) not leading the NATO charge into Libya, but are now saying he’s weak for consulting Congress over involvement in Syria, I need y’all to decide what is the right path for President Obama. How can he win with you? He can’t? Oh, that explains so much! Go jump off a skyscraper with cement shoes for all of our sakes, please. We have real work to do.

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  1. Laughlin girl says:

    I am of the opinion that we should stay out of it at this point. We could be jumping into World War III. Can the US really afford another war? No we cannot. Our soldiers are weary from Afghanistan and Iraq.
    From my point if view I say “keep yours eyes on the east”, from there will come the end to all end. It will not be about oil but about who controls the water. (I digress) Mr. President we are tired of being the police for the world . Do not let us get I involved this time. PLEASE

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