Manchin-Heitkamp Resolution: Obstinate Obama

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As we all know or fully yourselves aware of are (YES, bad grammar!), the United States is engaged in a stand-off with President Bashar Al-Assad in Syria. Syria is in a civil war and the government used chemical weapons on civilians on the rebel side of the conflict while the rebels are busy executing anyone they capture who is aligned with the government. The world is watching us to see what we will do about it, but President Obama went to Congress to get support for a limited strike at the chemical weapons plants in Syria. Congress is telling President Obama to go stick it where the sun don’t shine, and it looks like President Obama is going to address the American people this week to get them to badger Congress into action for a strike.


The picture of Syria that EVERYONE is using for news and blogs.

America mostly doesn’t want to strike Syria. Yet, President Obama is going to take his case to the American public in hopes that something can be done. That has not really worked before, but more power to ya, Mr. President.


I just don’t see it for you this time, sir.

An interesting alternative would be to go along with the Russian proposal released today to have Russia own Syria’s chemical plants to make the playing field more level, and give the U.S. an option to strike should that method fail and Syria use chemical weapons again. Syria is open to this option. Actually, it’s part of a Senate proposal (Manchin-Heitkamp Resolution) that the White House apparently is not even trying to consider, because they’re all about a strike and going to war, while saying that they don’t want to go to war, but want a limited strike, and that this whole thing is so complicated that they’re willing to hear options for how to manage it. Yet, they’re rejecting this proposal.


But…but…for why, though?

Look, it’s now gotten to the point that even the new Republican Party is against a military strike (only because President Obama is for it, of course, and they haven’t figured out how their private contractors can profit from it, and because we don’t get oil from Syria) and are saying they want to give peace a chance, but Democrats are in favor of a military strike. I’m so confused over the country in which I live these days. We really need a white male Republican president again to set things right and get us back to burying racial tensions and get Congress working again. Or just elect liberal Democrats to overrun Congress. The former seems easier at this point.


We’ll probably see this jerkwad return to politics next year with the way things are looking for 2014.

I want President Obama to stop being obstinate with this. At least consider the proposal, which I think is a good-enough solution for the U.S. in this conflict. I don’t want to strike because the plan now would insert us into a civil war that isn’t our business, no matter how much you say we won’t get sucked in, Mr. President. Something needs to be done about this, for sure, but because it’s so complicated, let’s take a look at how it can be done responsibly.

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