Dear GOP: Please Impeach Obama

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I believe this isn’t far from the truth.


Yes, a brilliant coup by Putin here to save face for the U.S. How thoughtful of him!

This thing with Syria, that is totally our business and constantly changing daily, is enough grounds to impeach President Obama. I need the Republican Party to get with this idea and make this happen. This will be good for America and good for President Obama. See, Obama needs help leading and anything we can do to help him along in this will only serve to make him a better President.


Totally sane Peggy Noonan wrote an excellent piece this one time about how President Obama should behave when speaking on racial issues.

It’s what’s being a political journalist is all about these days because President Obama has not at all shown that he knows what he’s doing since 1/20/2009 at 12 p.m. He couldn’t keep the country moving ahead to focus on the larger War on Terror and got Osama bin Laden when we stopped looking for him. Obama rammed through this health care reform legislation that is hurting companies that want to keep more money away from their employees and customers. (He got no bipartisan support for the health care law, and that really says something, doesn’t it?) President Obama has also violated the Constitution numerous times and he needs to be reigned in.

Someone has to impeach him, and I say let the GOP do it. The GOP is mighty, bold, daring, and just the right group of people to bring formal charges of Constitution-violating, freedom-robbing, warmongering, and escaping-from-war against President Obama. I really want them to do this. I want them to do it for the people. I want them to do it for the poor Syrians involved in their own Civil War for whom Obama showed strength too little, too late for some journalists:


Can you feel her pain and concern? I can.

Come on, GOP! Right this wrong! Who cares if you’ll win a conviction against President Obama? It only matters that you tried. That’s what America will remember of your recent work under Obama and your enduring legacy. I’m sure that Americans won’t hold it against you. Impeach Obama now! Go for it! Do it! Please. I beg you.




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