Republicans Should Stop Being Stupid

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Republicans are being pretty stupid right now. If they were acting intransigent for a good reason that they could actually articulate, I would listen to their side of the story. Right now, though? It’s just a bunch of whining and I’m sick of it. Dwight D. Eisenhower would fire on you with tanks if he could see what you’ve done to his party, GOP.


He’s even looking like, “For real, yo?”

Here are just some tips, Republicans, to stop being stupid and the butt-joke of American politics today. Just off the top of my head. No real thought-out analysis done, but I’m pretty sure they will make more sense than your current thought process.

1. Let the more sensible people in your party get camera time. Stop pandering to the crazies who have the biggest egos I’ve ever seen coming out of Washington, and that says a lot, because even secretaries on Capitol Hill act like they’re the President.

2. Learn to lose. I know it’s admirable to “fight the good fight,” but come on! You ran opposing President Barack Obama based on his name and liberal voting record in 2008, but he won, and told y’all he was going to tackle health care in his first term. Some of your ideas were included in the law, but you still voted no on it. In fact, the law was essentially your idea anyway, and any proposal to do away with it came with a replacement that was the same exact law with interstate exchanges added. Which actually isn’t a good idea because every state has different minimum requirements, so a Georgia policy might not cover what Virginia minimally demands. You ran on the premise of overturning Obamacare to the point of talking yourselves into a corner where you only looked to each other for news that you’d win the 2012 Presidential election, and got so sad when you lost it all. Now you’re trying this tactic again? You voted to repeal Obamacare 42 times already and we still have it and it’s going into effect at midnight tonight.


Smart kid…

3. Stop whining. You lost an election. You can’t turn election results around like this just because you didn’t get your way. Really. It’s pathetic.

4. Get some ideas that aren’t rooted in hatred and gaming the voting system so that you appear to win on a mandate, when you just kerjiggered the system to put more of your voters in areas where you needed a little more help to win. In the Midwest and the South. You actually have some good ideas, but we haven’t heard much of them because you have people like Senator Mitch McConnell saying things like his #1 job is to see President Obama not win a 2nd term. McConnell should be fired now because he failed at that job.

Official Portrait

Mitch McConnell looks like this evil woman who used to go to a church I went to in my youth. I’ll stop there…

5. Stop being racist. It’s great that you have this wonderful idea of having a big tent for everyone, but you really need to start checking IDs at the tent door opening. You became the party of “No” days before President Obama took his oath of office. He hadn’t started anything, yet, but y’all were resigned to telling him “No!” right up front. Your rich members organized an entire “movement” of people who thought they were joining together to stop government spending a month into Obama’s term, but you played upon their fears of him being the “other” so much that they conflated their racial prejudice with patriotic duties. “I want my country back!” Where did it go? How long has it been missing? We were, like, 22 days into Obama’s term when that lie started being spouted. Stop being racist. Stop harboring racists. Stop giving them camera time with their coded language. Stop being jerks. You were once a decent party, now so many friends who were proud Republicans are either Independent and ashamed, on their way out of the party, or too embarrassed to admit they’re Republicans because of the mess that’s going on with the party now. One even told me she will probably have to vote for Hillary with the way things are shaping up in the GOP. Eisenhower’s granddaughter left the party because she said the party has been taken over by insane idiots (well, she meant that, but she probably said it in a more diplomatic way, you idiots).

Save yourselves. You’ve talked yourselves into a corner again with Obamacare, and you lost on that in 2012. Why would 2013 be any different. Help repair the country. If not, we’ll have a 1-party system for quite a while. Don’t let the government shut down. Really. This won’t be good for you.


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