Hi, Tea Party! So, Now What?

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So, the Tea Party forced John Boehner, heretofore known to me as a discerning politician, into doing their bidding. Y’all, I don’t even know what the Tea Party’s plan is now. Is it to tear down government and rebuild it into an oligarchy (because they’re largely funded by realllllly rich white men)? Because they don’t have the people in power to do that.

The Tea Party campaigned against government spending, but never defined what was worthwhile government spending. They wanted cuts to Social Security (which doesn’t affect the national debt), Medicare (oh, wait, they didn’t. Because a lot of the retirees liked it), and wouldn’t dare touch military spending, but food stamps, education, pollution, etc. – all those can go! Because balancing the budget with something like 14% of the budget is surely the way to go when the other 86% stays intact.

Now that the government is in a partial shut down and those who have funding have about a month of it left (Hi!), I wonder what the plan is now. Is Congress going to focus on putting together a budget (as Senate Democrats called on them to do since April, but the House GOP leadership kept telling them no) now or are they going to just keep calling for the de-funding of Obamacare, which is now open to the public; the mandate is in effect; the cat cannot be put back into the bag; and everyone will get new Obama cell phones by 12/31. (I’ll take an iPhone 5S, thanks.)


Thanks, Obama!

There are no talks to end the shutdown going on now, so I wonder what the whole idea is now. I know that the Tea Party didn’t come to Washington to fix anything through governing, but why join an organization to tear it down from the inside? That’s sabotage. That’s domestic terrorism. I’m more bothered by the fact that 800,000 people are affected by this and all that the Tea Party can muster for them is, “Meh.” And these people are the poster children for patriotism?

Look, y’all, Obamacare was promised by President Obama in 2008. We voted him in. He signed it into law in 2010. We also, unfortunately, stayed home Election Day that year and y’all took it to mean that we didn’t want anything to do with Obama, so y’all ran on the premise of overturning Obamacare, but WE FOOLED YOU! We showed up and showed out on Election Day in 2012, proving that we wanted Obamacare. Oh, and don’t forget that the law survived a Supreme Court battle the previous June. Most Americans like the provisions in the Affordable Care Act, before you call it Obamacare. That’s so sad. Same law, but with a different name it turns off folks. Racists. Racists.


Anyway, what’s the plan now, Tea Party? All this fighting over de-funding the funded law didn’t work out. Now the government is closed down and losing money every day they stay out of business. You can’t keep attacking Obamacare. You have to govern…reasonably. You can’t act like a hostage-taker and hope that we all get Stockholm Syndrome. We won’t. You need to stop proving the media right that you’re highly inept at being worthwhile in Washington, and that no one except your limited loved ones would mourn your fiery deaths while locked in a closet in the Capitol.  I mean, if such a thing were to happen for the good of the country to move forward and for John Boehner to get a backbone. I’m not calling for that, tho.

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