Obamacare: Conservatives Lie Again

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Unsurprisingly, Conservatives lie again about Obamacare. I posted a blog before asking why Conservatives have to lie, but clearly they’re not heeding my good advice asking them to stop it. I ran across two articles today that show how Conservative Republicans are lying about Obamacare to try to prop up their party as true Americans – who are basing everything they’re saying on a lie.

A Facebook friend’s friend wrote yesterday that he had to unsubscribe from FreedomWorks because he actually read something they sent after 2 years and realized they were just peddling pure lies. A foundation of lies is like having a house made out of sand in a hurricane. And we’re really late for the Tea Party to claim that de-funding Obamacare is what America wants, or as Rand Paul said, “[The governement shutdown] gives America a real chance to debate Obamacare” like we haven’t been doing that since 2009? Sit down, Senator Paul, you’re high.

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Me, when Senator Rand Paul said that.

 So, now that we’re late into hurricane season, about half of Republicans who are crazy, liars, and happen to be conservative, decide to build a house of lies made out of sand to withstand Hurricane Verity. Verily, it will not survive. That may be the worst metaphor ever written. I’m gon’ just move on now.

Keene Point of View Really though?

Me, when I just wrote that.

I understand why Conservative Republicans feel that they have to lie. I mean, they held a secret conference to tell Obama “No” to everything he wanted, even if they wanted it, because, well, I have no explanation for it other than he’s black and they’re not. Because they decided this before he even took his oath of office? Why? And it’s not good strategy for the long haul because it’s built on an presumption. Then when President Obama proved that he wasn’t operating in a completely liberal way, they had nothing to hold him to. So, what’s left? Lies. They never retooled their message to combat what President Obama was actually doing. Someone apparently forgot to tell them that just because they agree with President Obama a few times doesn’t mean that they won’t be liked. Telling lies repeatedly is what makes you unlikable.


“There ain’t no substitute for the truth; either it is or it isn’t.” – India.Arie

Bottom line, crazy Tea Party conservatives: you don’t have to lie. Really. If you get found out, the damage of a lie is far worse than dealing with the truth head-on the first time. People will always respect the truth and the truth-teller. They grow to hate and despise the liar because eventually no one knows whether or not to believe your words or pathetic re-branding efforts. Grow from love instead of hate and see what happens. I mean, lying about Obamacare so much that 15 statements attributed to your party about it are bald-faced lies is shameful. Then, saying that Obama should remove the exemption for Congress from Obamacare is deeply disturbing when that’s also a lie to which you’re still clinging. This isn’t the way to win. It’s like you’re an abusive husband chaining your wife to the radiator so she won’t leave when the better man is patiently waiting outside the sand-house door. That’s what you’re doing now with your middle class constituency right now, by the way. They might actually like Obamacare enough to vote Democratic to say “thank you” to the Democrats and “**** you” to Republicans who tried to stop their upward mobility (at long last). Then again, they could be as racist as some of y’all are and vote Republican regardless in order to stop that Muslim Communist Nazi Socialist Atheist Warlock Illegitimate President Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

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