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Since there is no video this week, let me just write what I was going to include in the show. (I could not figure out how to edit in iMovie ’10 [the sound was off during editing and it wouldn’t let me clip easily. I need help with that], so I might need another program to edit. I have Adobe Premier, but my goodness, that thing looks cumbersome once it’s open.) Here’s the Friday news wrap-up.

Health Overhaul

First, in political news, people are still freaking out about the site. Well, by people, I mean Republicans and media outlets who want the law to fail because it creates a ratings bonanza for their shows and allows print journalists to get interviewed and a leg up on the whole hosting-their-own-show-years-later thing. It’s annoying and tired. As evidence shows, Obamacare sign-ups are ever-increasing. Also, if you have a crap plan, stop making me laugh talking about how the law ripped your coverage away.

  • Your insurance company did that because they didn’t want to increase your coverage, not the law.
  • What kind of plan were you proud of having if you had monthly prescriptions and hospital visits and have to foot over 90% of the bill?
  • Finally, why is it always conservatives who are complaining about their plans being taken away. I’m sure some liberal Democrats are going through the same thing.
  • And if you live in a state that is dependent on because your governor said no to their own exchange program, maybe you should blame your governor and not the President. Other states with their own exchanges seem to be doing fine with their websites.
  • And finally, finally,’s problems are not equal to George Bush’s bungling of Hurricane Katrina, George Stephanopoulos! Zero people have died because the site wouldn’t load. Over 1800 died and were misplaced due to the handling of Katrina. Our media is a joke these days. Everyone’s trying to get ratings instead of telling a right story. Stupid capitalism.


In gay news, Illinois is state #16 to bring about the Apocalypse due to gay marriage being legal in the state. Hawaii was state #15. I suspect that God will get mad with us around state #26, since that’s over 50% of states who will have same-sex marriage. So, we have some time to make our doomsday kits for when the asteroids land on our great nation.


Credit: US News and World Report

In Christian news, there is a group of Tea Party idiots who demand that President Obama resign from the Presidency on November 29th. They will set up a shadow government in Philadelphia if he does not resign. They say that God is giving them the right to take back the country and want Obama to go to a country that is more to his liking and a better fit for his obvious socialist policies (even though he’s barely proposed anything akin to socialism, and treats all races and genders equally, giving no preferential treatment to white men…and they’re SO mad about it). My question to this group of stellar scholars is what about Joe Biden? He would be the next President and will all be magically well with Biden, who presumably would carry on the same policies as President Obama? If the answer is yes, then I have my answer about what is truly driving this group to rebel. President Obama’s policies are a no, but Obama’s policies under Joe Biden are a yes? Okay, sisters. They said the revolution would be quiet and not armed. I hope they stay in the shadows and get just as ignored as they are now for the rest of their lives.

Scandal - Keene Point of View

Finally, Scandal! Wow, these last two episodes have me back to my “Shonda, you tryna kill us!” mode after the episodes are over. Olivia’s mother is alive and just crazy enough to probably be a terrorist. Olivia’s father was trying to get his wife (Olivia’s mother) sent to a land far, far away, but she gathered enough strength (after slitting her wrists…with her teeth…vertically…so she wasn’t playing around…I’m still shuddering) to kill the doctor who was trying to sedate her for transport. She found Olivia on K St. NW randomly at the end of the episode and Olivia gave her familiar “shock and disbelief” face. There was also the “Fitz is around dramatic Malibu sunrise” music playing when Fitz and Olivia were around each other or the FitzPhone rang. They slept together in the house he bought for them in Vermont. That house was massive and had a lot of land, and Fitz built the fireplace himself. I mean, you do all that for me, I’m pretty much obligated to react in the same way that Olivia did (once I verify that it’s paid for and the deed is in my name and that you’re paying the taxes). (I’m such a gold digger.) Mellie figured it out and it’s back to war between her and Fitz. Cyrus tried to manipulate James and got burned bad when James cheated on him with the VP’s husband. Much pec-age ensued. Quinn is still dumb and I think B613 deserves to be destroyed because they chose her poorly prepared butt to be in the organization. Finally, Josie Marcus is out of the race in a story line that only seemed to serve the purpose of delaying Olivia and Fitz from getting back together. Seriously, that was the biggest deflation of a story on the show in 3 seasons.


Going to Hell…

Well, that’s all for this week, folks. Check out for other blogs and videos. I wrote this week about 5 Reasons Why You’re Going to Hell and the United Methodist Church vs. Rev. Frank Schaefer for his stance on gay marriage and gay rights – they basically want him to renounce his beliefs and presumably 3 of his 4 kids because they’re gay. It’s the Christian thing to do, right? Happy Friday! Happy Weekend! Thanks for watching reading and take care!

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