Church Folks Make Me Sick

| December 18, 2013 | 4 Comments

I’m sure this will be a part 1 of many posts about how church folks make me sick. So, you know how Jesus, our Lord and Savior, wasn’t attractive and probably only had miracles, a way with words, and likely a nice carpenter’s build going for him while he lived on Earth? Did I mention that he was homeless and had dusty feet (as they all did back then)? Okay, keep that image in mind of the Christian savior, then take a gander at this picture of Erica Campbell of Mary Mary, who was promoting her new album.


She looks gorgeous. She’s also not doing it with the intention of trying to make men lust. She’s covered up and her hair is making a real attempt at trying to blow in the wind like Mariah Carey’s or Beyonce’s hair. This picture is fine.

Erica sings songs for the Lord. She has a solo career that’s just starting and she posted this picture celebrating her Grammy nomination. Her husband liked the picture as did her family. But along comes the black church, mucking up the works for everybody’s fun and demanding that she be dressed like this in white instead.


These ladies might be powerful women of God, but they just don’t pull off white dresses like Erica.

I wish Christians would come off of it. Teaching your daughters to cover up more so that some man won’t lust after you, like that’s going to stop a horny boy or man from lusting after you, OR stop a woman from lusting after an attractive light-skinned, well-built pastor as he sweats and preaches on Sunday morning. Lust works both ways. Maybe instead of focusing on the outward appearance so much, you can train your kids to focus on their hearts and relationships with Jesus so that they don’t wind up not knowing about condoms if they have sex before they get married and drop off a grandchild you’re not yet ready for. Sure, everyone can tone things down for church, but nothing was wrong with Erica’s dress. Should she have worn a burqa instead? Y’all would complain about her eye makeup then. It’s always something with church folks. Oh, I know! Maybe she could’ve worn what they wear in gospel group Trin-i-tee 5:7!


One is dressed like she hangs out on Fulton Ave. in Brooklyn. Another has patterned stockings like fishnets. Finally, we have titty-tops and thigh-meats (with hip boots!) on display in the middle. And no one says a word.

I think they look fine, too. It’s very stylish yet just enough is shown without distracting from the message. But like all things on this blog, it’s just my opinion. (Truth be told, Lord willing, let me get these abs and my body together and see how much low-cleavage-pec-raising/abs-seen-through-T-shirt-that-is-painted-on-my-biceps/butt-lifting-leg-hugging attire I wear in the house of the Lord while walking down the aisle during the offering fashion show.)

Do you think Erica went too far with her dress? Should she dress more “wholesomely” and what exactly would that look like for a woman of her age who doesn’t want to look like she’s 70 and just got finished serving Communion on the first Sunday down at the church house?

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  1. Laughlin girl says:

    Only one thing I want to ask you. How did you get the title ofmy next message off of my computer? It is entitled “Church Folk”.
    That being said everyone should focus from the neck up then there would be no problems. Ok?

  2. Linda Ricker says:

    What about a drop dead gorgeous, dark, dark skinned, well built pastor, who sweats & preaches on Sunday morning? And watch that 70 yr. old business, Jamin……lol!

    What about a drop dead gorgeous, dark, dark skinned, well built pastor who sweats & preaches on Sunday morning? And watch that 70 yr. old business, Jamin…!

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