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Why America Isn’t Post-Racial

[Race] was always there, but just stayed hidden and buried to make nice with everyone. I say let’s excise it and dress the wound. We’ve got to heal, America. Stop running from it.

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Episode 52 | We Can’t Breathe

This is my take on race relations in the U.S. in the lens of the decision to not indict Eric Garner’s killer, even though the coroner ruled the death a homicide and said the cause of death was external pressure applied to Garner’s chest and neck, preventing breathing.

Christianity Life

Beautiful Ruinous Disaster

Is this bad poetry or an experiment in expressing thanks to God?

Christianity Life

Repeated Lessons: Patience and Relaxing

He’s in control and I’m not. He can see things I can’t see. I’m thankful that God is patient, loving, kind, merciful, and long-suffering. I’d be “done” with me if I were Him.

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Ferguson and Healing America’s Race Problem

We have an opportunity now to move forward, but we won’t get “there” until we embrace race in America, with all the good and bad that comes with it. It’s unpleasant at times and everyone has to look at where accusations of racism have been wrong and right on all sides, but we can do this. I know we can.

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What Heathcliff Huxtable, the Jell-O Man, and Ghost Dad Have in Common

The problem is that we often associate entertainers as their characters or as they appear to be while at work (on camera, on stage, on YouTube, etc.) as who they actually are. Fewer people know them in real life versus the rest of the world knowing them through their work, just like us.

Christianity Gay

“I’M NOT GAY NO MORE!” (But…um…see…)

There is an internet video sweeping America right now from the 107th Church of God in Christ’s (COGIC) Holy Convocation about a man being delivered from homosexuality and telling everyone at convocation about it. There has been a lot of back and forth from supporters and critics of the video and I think there is room for discussion here about the Church of God in Christ, deliverance, and a more proper Christian view of homosexuality.

Christianity Gay

The Christian Church *WILL* Accept Gays…Eventually

The church has never excluded anyone for too long – slavery ended, Jim Crow ended, interracial marriages exist, and women have their own multi-million dollar ministries and churches now. All of those groups were kept down by the church for a while, but ultimately accepted. I think the Christian church will eventually accept gays…

Christianity Gay Politics Sex

Can Christians Be Sex-Positive?

If God designed sex for enjoyment and procreation, Christians need to change the stance from attacking sex and fearing it to embracing it like God wanted us to do.

Barack Obama Politics

What I Wish President Obama Would Have Told Me

I wish that President Obama would have told us some things about himself before going into office.

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