Don’t Tell Me Why You’re Mad, Son

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(I’ve been on vacation, which is why I haven’t posted since December 23, 2013. No new videos either due to work being crazy, but that should settle down this week, so maybe a new one on Friday.)

I wanted to write today to ask you (and especially you) to stop telling me why you’re mad. Across the Internet, and especially in social media, people take time out of the day to be outraged about something. On Twitter, especially, there are plenty of angry people.

angry twitter

Those people love taking time out of their day to provoke anger in some way. They rile themselves up with something. I had to stop following two pretty popular people on Twitter because one was always tweeting angrily every. single. day. Everything from harassment, to not smiling, to saying that being angry is healthy because it forces one to take action. They never took action on their anger, though. Another one I unfollowed (and blocked so I wouldn’t see them retweeted into my timeline) tweeted all the time about something to generate an angry discussion, then they would start a pile-on for someone who didn’t like what was being discussed.

I understand being mad about stuff. I understand people pissing you off online or a news story coming out that angries up the blood, but my goodness, can we all just relax a bit?


This made me mad. I spoke on it and I let it go. Others want to write thesis papers on it when it’s not really all that deep.

If you want to be mad and paranoid about stuff, just join Twitchy, Michelle Malkin’s group that does nothing but stay mad about every little thing that they perceive as a threat to politically conservative ideology.


This is how I think Twitchy lives their daily lives; ready to pounce.

We get mad at Obama. We get mad at Republicans. We get mad at Congress. We get mad at the television. We get mad at patriarchy. We get mad at women. We get mad at men. We never seem to calm down. If it’s Mother’s Day, Twitter slanders deadbeat moms, then women chime in with the “fact” that there aren’t any deadbeat moms and they’ve never seen one or met one, and all mothers do right by their children. Father’s Day on Twitter is worse. There are no good fathers around, and if you say you had one you get attacked by people who didn’t have a good father and want to use the day to vent about it. From midnight to midnight they use Twitter as their therapist’s couch.



Do people just not have joy and happiness in their lives? Why are we mad all the time? It’s like we’re addicted to being outraged all the time. Melissa Harris-Perry hosted a comical segment on her show on MSNBC. Two people poked fun at a Romney family picture that had the newly adopted grandson (who is black and named Little Dark One [Keiran in Gaelic]) and a comedian said that this is the Republican party outreach – adopting a black kid.

Melissa Harris-Perry

Melissa Harris-Perry

Conservatives said that Harris-Perry was picking on a baby, when it was a comedian that did it. Liberals who adopted inter-racially said it was bad form and Harris-Perry apologized on Twitter and on-air. Conservatives are still calling for Harris-Perry to be fired from MSNBC and saying that Liberals hate enough to pick on a defenseless baby, to whom the joke really wasn’t aimed.

Living in love and peace is much better, and may seem boring at times, but when your life revolves around drama and anger just to feel alive, you need to seek professional help. I’d hate to live your life because you can’t even enjoy simple things.

Do you think society is growing angrier by the day or does everyone just need to get jobs and back to work again? Or maybe just block some people from getting online?

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