Chris Christie: Skilled Politician (Read: a Liar)

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Right now (as I write this, not yet posted) Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, is giving a press conference to explain his non-involvement in the George Washington Bridge fiasco. A few months ago, New Jersey closed lanes on the bridge and it caused hours of gridlock for people on the bridge every day. The bridge runs through Fort Lee, New Jersey, and people were crying out for Christie’s administration to open the lanes. The administration said that it was a traffic study.


Kindly victim and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Now there is an investigation that concluded that it was a political hit against the mayor of Fort Lee, Mark Sokolich, for not endorsing Chris Christie for governor in 2013. Christie won by a landslide and won Fort Lee by a comfortable margin over Barbara Buono, the Democratic nominee. Chris Christie has a problem with his reputation of being a bully. He says he’s not a bully, but if his administration felt comfortable enough to bully a mayor of a northern New Jersey town, I think that speaks to how their leadership ran their organization.

A 91 year-old woman died possibly because of the response time of ambulances during the time period and a 4 year-old girl almost died. Christie came on, apologized, said he’ll meet with Mayor Sokolich, and you’d think that would be it, but he’s been talking for over an hour now and is answering questions and trying to make himself seem more ordinary and a fine candidate for President of the United States in 2016. He just won’t shut up.

Some gems that Christie offered:

  • Christie isn’t a bully.
  • Christie feels horrible about what happened.
  • Christie had a tight-knit bond with his staff and fosters that environment, but it’s apparently not so tight-knit as to know about the lane closures.
  • Christie wouldn’t have joked about the lane closures had he known that his close personal staff (that he hired) was involved. (So, joking about it period is okay as long as your people weren’t involved? People almost died!)
  • Christie fired Bridget Kelly for being dumb enough to get caught lying to him.
  • Christie found out about it yesterday morning but hasn’t been able to sleep the last two nights. Isn’t there only one night between finding out and today? Chris Christie controls time now?


Even if Christie wasn’t involved and was lied to, he can’t escape how much he’s made enemies of police officers, firefighters, union members, teachers, and anyone who isn’t a rich businessman in New Jersey. I have a friend who is a former Christie staffer who said that Christie is the worst human being he ever met. And as Christie answers more and more questions, it gets messier and messier. He said he’s never met Mayor Sokolich, but there’s a picture of them together.


Mayor Sokolich is the last one on the left.

I wonder what the investigation will discover. If they find out that Christie was involved in any way and knew about it, that would be a press conference I’d love to watch. With buttered popcorn.


Such a nice guy. He’s yelling at a teacher.

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