Naija Distraction: Nigeria Hates the Gays

| January 14, 2014 | 0 Comments

On Monday January 13, 2014, Nigeria signed an anti-gay measure into law. The law prohibits gay people from marrying, socializing, congregating, partying, and basically talking to each other. It also prohibits others from not reporting gay activity or talking about gay topics. Anti-gay fervor is sweeping the world and Africa is taking the lead on the most severe laws. It should be noted that all the countries that are severely anti-gay have a multitude of other issues on which they should focus, but, you know, gay people are immoral, and Nigeria simply must be a moral country…that has problem providing electricity for its citizens, has Christians being murdered in the Sharia-law-controlled north (which isn’t the law for the rest of the country), has problems with poverty and hunger. But God is pleased, right? jesus_haha_no   Enjoy the video! I tried to not hold back. Most of the information about Nigeria comes from reading the news about the country and from a Twitter buddy living there who has expressed the same views about this law considering the problems listed within the country. I am not trying to make Nigeria look bad, but I am trying to highlight other things that are worse than gay people existing in the country. You grow from love, not hate. Hate stunts your growth.

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