Contemporary Christian & Political Art: So Many Questions

| January 15, 2014 | 1 Comment

Some people have taken to the Internet to make a name for themselves as painters or as people who want to make religious or political statements. Let’s look at 3 contemporary Christian and political art pictures for which I have so many questions.


Happy Church Day? So, Happy Sunday, then?


  1. What is Church Day and why are we wishing folks a happy one? Is it just Sunday?
  2. Why are there 3 Stars of Bethlehem randomly placed in the small country church sanctuary?
  3. Did they pay royalties to Kurt Carr for cobbling together the first and third lines from his hit “In the Sanctuary”?
  4. Is that the pastor preaching with the Bible or the deacon reading the morning service passage?
  5. Why is the choir singing while Scripture is being read and people are praying in the pulpit? Too much activity.
  6. Why is everyone dressed like they bought their dresses from the costume rack of The Color Purple?
  7. Did a woman remove her dress to go somewhere in the front? Dress just draped next to her Bible (or hymnal).

Next up are the political paintings. There is a tone among hard-line American conservatives who actually believe wholeheartedly that Jesus Christ breathed the words of the Declaration of Independence to Thomas Jefferson. They will argue you down about it if you point out how preposterous that is. They say that America is the light on the hill for the world, and is unique and exceptional compared to the rest of the world. Other cultures are less than America’s culture. It’s what Michele Bachmann believes.

These next two paintings are by John McNaughton who has a website where you can see his politically divisive paintings, all but 1 or 2 of them aimed at President Obama, and mouse over places in the paintings to get more explanations of why he included those parts. You can read him challenging President Obama on every little thing, justify things like racially profiling immigrants in Arizona, and explain away the Crusades, which were done in the name of Jesus, but wiped out Jews, Muslims, and Greek Orthodox Christians because Christians just had to reclaim the Holy Land for Jesus (which didn’t work because it’s mostly Muslim and Jewish there today).

You can also look for Satan in all of his paintings depicting evils of the world and liberalism. It’s like trying to find a shadowy Waldo. 


Despite my Bible saying nothing about it, Jesus is depicted here as having written the Declaration of Independence and leading conservatives while liberals are powered by Satan.

  1. Why are slaves wayyyyyyy in the back, almost blending into the darkened Capitol building?
  2. Is the pregnant woman in front supposed to be pro-choice? Is that where we’re going with this? It’s not clear.
  3. Are the people on the left looking to the document for redemption, the little boy, or Jesus?
  4. Why aren’t the slave-owning Founding Fathers depicted on the right with the rest of the “evil” people?




  1. President Obama is stepping on what I assume to be the Constitution while ignoring someone who is working hard? Is that what’s going on here?
  2. Why are the past Democratic presidents applauding him?
  3. Is that guy trying to catch Obama’s farts?
  4. I’m really confused at what the Founding Fathers and past Republican presidents are asking of Obama here. Is this White man burdened while litter collects around him? According to the artist, he represents the impossible-to-achieve-now American Dream of every American thanks to Obama’s policies. (President Reagan’s trickle-down economics did more harm to the American Dream than anything President Obama has done or will do.)

So, what do you think? Are conservatives becoming increasingly crazier, or is it just a vocal group of them that are getting too much attention? Like Miley Cyrus leaking nude pictures (no thank you), are artists doing too much these days for attention?

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  1. Laughlin girl says:

    The world is becoming crazier and crazier but excuse me , it us not the world It Is The People in the world.
    If ignorance is a breed then the conservative Christian is that breed .
    They use anything that stomps races in the dirt in the name of Jesus.
    If they would read the Bible at least the one I read. Jesus did not stomp on people but offered them forgiveness healings and a new start( go and sin no more ).
    Where is love not love just because of color but because of the person being
    your neighbor at home and abroad.
    Quickly Lord Jesus! We all need you

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