5 Reasons Why a Christian Government Is a Bad Idea

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I keep reading about how some conservative Christians are active in the Tea Party and other conservative movements to put a 100% Christian government in place in America. This is also known as a Christianocracy. I really think this is ultimately a bad idea, and here are 5 reasons why.

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Nah, we don’t need to do a Christian, Bible-Law government.

1. Christians can’t even agree on which way to interpret the Bible, thus we have all these denominations, which I feel are Satanic ways to separate and divide Christians. This is especially true in America, where one denomination feels they are better than another denomination. When I volunteered in Rwanda, my mission team noted how people in villages were not concerned with denominations when it came to helping people build homes and general outreach. Sunday churchgoers readily and excitedly worked with Saturday worshiping Seventh-Day Adventists, which doesn’t happen in America. We typically view them as a cult because of their belief in soul-sleep (the soul doesn’t go to Heaven, but “sleeps” until Jesus resurrects the saints), even though their beliefs on Jesus align with other Protestant views. (But let’s be honest, Jesus rose on SUNDAY and they still worship on Saturday. WHAT GOD DEY SERVE WHO ROSE ON SURRDEE? SHEWWWW. LOL) If we can’t reach consensus on Biblical interpretation enough to just have ONE church and treat others who don’t agree with our doctrine 100% in the insignificant areas like they’re unsaved, how will we ever craft these Bible-based laws?

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2. A Christianocracy would wind up looking like Iran. Sure, we’d start with an Executive Branch, Judicial Branch, and Legislative Branch (matching Isaiah 33:22 – “For the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our king; it is he who will save us”), but eventually we’d have to have a council or bishops or something like Iran has with their Ayatollahs who overrule the President and are the true source of political power. If we can’t agree on correct Bible interpretation, how would we agree on who sits on this council? I think it would turn into the Incompetent Robot Elders from Futurama.


“Quiet, Vinny!”

3. America would turn into a belligerent nation more than we are now. There are so many Christian conservatives who advocate for war and turning the Middle East “into glass” (bombing the sand. The “sand” sounds kind of racist if you look hard enough), and want to bomb Iran to get control of oil and influence of oil production in the oil-rich region. Oil. These people also just don’t like Islam. If we become a Bible Law nation, I think anyone who doesn’t agree with our approach to government and establishing a Christian government would be overrun by our new-found zealotry. Runaway Manifest Destiny on a global scale. (It’s so odd how people fled here from Europe seeking religious freedom, yet these new conservative Christians would persecute non-believers.)


It’s how Jesus globally spread his Gospel through 12 men, don’t you know?

4. Freedom of expression through art would become insufferably like a never-ending episode of Little House on the Prairie. Movies would be like Lifetime holiday movies and theatre would become morality plays. You could only sing about things that make you happy as long as there is some casual reference to Jesus thrown in (not a bad thing, but some songs on Alanis Morissette’s  Jagged Little Pill really spoke to me and I don’t want to lose that). We would stop having honest conversations about sex and return to it being taboo. Life would become a conservative Christian school – sheltered and not equipped to handle the real world without significant adjustment problems. #MyPastLifeAdjustingToAnHBCUAfter12YearsOfPredominatelyWhiteConservativeChristianSchools (I don’t regret it, though.)

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Ladies (and certain gentlemen), he would have to keep his shirt on.

5. America’s opinion of itself would be worse than what it is now. We would think we are the world’s savior, not Jesus. We would start to think that WE are uniquely placed to convert everyone to Jesus, and would kill anyone who disagrees. The Hebrews in the desert lived with God in a cloud and a pillar of fire and STILL broke The Law, yet God provided grace. If we craft laws according to our interpretation of God’s laws, we can’t legislate for grace, and everyone loses because we never really, truly show the full character of a loving God and Savior through laws that will do nothing but restrict personal freedoms and liberties, and not be flexible enough to allow room for growth. Our jails are already overcrowded, and we don’t need a political system in place that would encourage more lawbreakers, which is what most of us would legally become because we already are. Eighty percent of born-again single Christians are sexually active, but there would be laws banning birth control (except for married couples) and abortions, but they would still be available underground and unsafely.


“We do this in the name of our gracious Lord and Savior, Jesus Cristo!” – Balboa…who then proceeded to take land away from people who owned it first. Yay, God!

Gay people would probably be put to death the way that Balboa did when he conquered Mexico and fed Native male-sex practitioners to hungry dogs (in the name of Jesus, actually. Horrific. See above.)

KLBlog 871

Do NOT let this happen, America. These people start meaning well, then start serving money and power.

I only trust a physically present Jesus ruling on the throne to correctly craft Christian-based laws. Human beings have messed up Christianity so badly from when it was called The Way that we could never have a proper Christian-based government that is strictly Biblical. I mean, for one thing, these people call poor people lazy, when many of them work 2-3 jobs just to pay their bills and Jesus said for the rich to give away all they have to the poor. That’s wealth redistribution, Socialism and jealousy of successful people, right? We’re failing before we start, conservatives, so just stop now. What do you think? Would we become Iran or would it be Heaven on Earth?

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