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Episode 44 | What the World Needs Now: Sweet Gay Love

I respond to Dr. James David Manning’s video where he discusses how President Obama is releasing gay “homo demons” into America and is helped along by “white homos” who take black men from black women. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP! I laughed so loudly when I first saw the video. I hope you laugh and nod a lot with this one I made for you. Enjoy and thanks for watching! (Please make sure you like, subscribe, and advertise it.)

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Should Conservative Christians Hate Others?

These companies who would refuse gay people are the same ones who provide lodging to unmarried couples on a weekend getaway. They provide cakes for a divorce party, but not a gay marriage. They provide flowers for the baby shower and the baby’s father just decided to walk out on the mother a week before. They keep feeding gluttons at family restaurant troughs like Golden Corral. But providing goods and services to gay people is just morally wrong now?

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Gays Are Messy – Part 6: Uganda Is A Dirty Bareback Bottom

Niggers and flies, I do despise. Yeah, Uganda, that’s what you and Nigeria are/are acting like. No, not the “flies”. The other one. Y’all are the dumbest wastes of God’s creative energy…

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Episode 43 | Arizona’s Christians Are Scumbags

hat’s to stop this from expanding to other religions or people taking it upon themselves to expand it to race, class, and other things? I talk about that and how, yet again, conservative Christianity is completely missing the boat on gay people, who are PEOPLE, and not sex.

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Twisted Bible Stories | Which Jesus – Baby, Cool Dude, or Goon?

Do you worship the cool, all-loving dude who didn’t pass judgment on people? Or do you worship the goon? Yes, Jesus the Goon. Look into it.

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I’m Black and My Life Matters

Black lives matter. We have value, purpose, and futures.

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Episode 42 | Christian Conservatives Love Satan

I’m ’bout tired of Christian conservatives claiming to love and know Jesus, but proving that they don’t do either by how they treat others who don’t believe like them or live like them.


Is the NFL Ready for GAY Michael Sam?

If you honestly think that a gay player in a locker room in football is something new, you aren’t thinking through this enough.

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Twisted Bible Stories: Naomi and Ruth

I’m starting what will hopefully be a semi-monthly series about Bible stories that are told with a humorous twist. These are the stories you read about in Sunday School and church, but I can guarantee you they won’t be told the same way. Unless you went to a cool Sunday School class or a cool church, that is.

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George Zimmerman: Profiting from Pain

My heart goes out to Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton and Trayvon’s brother today. Trayvon would have been 19, which is a lot more mature than George Zimmerman’s life decisions. The lives of black boys and men mean so little in this country. It’s disgusting. Now someone trying to profit from it, which is worse.

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