Should Conservative Christians Hate Others?

| February 26, 2014 | 2 Comments

To answer that question, yes, apparently, Conservative Christians should. It’s good for business and religious expression. Arizona passed a law that’s awaiting Governor Brewer’s signature that allows businesses to discriminate and refuse to do business with anyone they don’t like if it conflicts with their religious beliefs. Missouri and Georgia are now considering similar bills.


I entered into a discussion on Twitter with Matt Walsh, a conservative radio host, and here’s how that went.





So, Matt feels that businesses should have the right to discriminate for any reason and refuse service to any customer. Granted, this idea has been invalidated by the Civil Rights Act, but I guess some people still want to go back to segregation, if only in the practice of private business, which the GOP is slowly trying to make everything in the United States do. Seriously, the Tea Party wants to privatize mostly everything the federal government does. They’d get away with racial discrimination because Affirmative Action would be gone. America needs to get back to work. Everyone is too bored and thinking up ways to make themselves feel safer, even if it means other people are worse off.


We’re not going back there.

Anyway, my points against this, as I said in my tweets, is about the religious freedom these laws ostensibly claim. I think it’s a dislike of gay men hidden behind religious freedom driving these laws. How do these laws help you have religious freedom? What gay person is going to say, “You know what? your constant ostracizing of me helped me to feel and see God’s love and brought me to him. Thank you for not providing flowers for my wedding, baking that cake I wanted for my partner’s birthday, or taking our engagement photos. I see Jesus in you.” Seriously, who said that?


These companies who would refuse gay people are the same ones who provide lodging to unmarried couples on a weekend getaway. They provide cakes for a divorce party, but not a gay marriage. They provide flowers for the baby shower and the baby’s father just decided to walk out on the mother a week before. They keep feeding gluttons at family restaurant troughs like Golden Corral. But providing goods and services to gay people is just morally wrong now? I can’t stand the hypocrisy. Why single out gay people as “sinners” but no one else?


These are the same Christians who would be denied service in a Lebanese restaurant for wearing a crucifix necklace then cry about how they’re being persecuted for their faith. No, you insensitive bigots, you’re being persecuted because you persecuted a maligned group first for no reason. Your issue with gay people is the sex they’re not having in front of you, but you keep acting like you hear they’re gay and they get naked and start screwing on your display cases and counter tops. They just want some good food at a birthday party or a place to lay down for a night on a road trip. If you can’t meet the physical needs, but claim to care about spiritual needs, you fail. Jesus ALWAYS met the physical need first, and sometimes that meant befriending people others thought He had no business knowing.

jesus serve

He could have served like this too, but you get the point.

Persecution for your faith looks like speaking out against ALL sin; getting made fun of because you believe in outrageous stories of Jesus walking on water, rising from the dead, and defying gravity by flying off into Heaven. Persecution for your faith doesn’t look like a law that protects your hatred of gay people enshrined in religious speech that you don’t apply equally to everyone. You’re Pharisees. And we know where they ended up. You wanna join them? Keep it up.

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  1. Laughlin hirl says:

    I cringe at the bigots in this America, as they hide behind the Amendments that they say the things that infringes on those amendment rights, such as homosexuality . They hide within the pages if the Bible saying God hates homos (excuse the short version). God hates hypocrites too. How can one say they love God and hate the ones God created, whether they are homosexuals Lesbians Black Red Yellow or Brown. I know, the bigots say “love the sinner but hate the sin”. First understand that everyone sins from the pulpit to the door . We are all sinners saved by Grace. I grew up under segregation in the South. Because of the color of my skin I could not enter places; dogs were allowed in but not blacks. I will not go back to that EVER! This law will only lead to reinstating Jim Crow Laws all over again. America watch out God may be getting tired of the hate and unfairness in this country. Why is there so much HATE here?

    • jamin says:

      I think there’s so much hate because people get “life” from drama and feeling the need to pick on others. First it was the free blacks, then white women with suffrage, then black people with Civil Rights, then abortion rights activists, now gays and immigrants. I think people lash out at whatever they perceive as a threat to their own comfort and status quo. And it’s pathetic because it NEVER works!

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