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Episode 44 | What the World Needs Now: Sweet Gay Love


Happy Friday!

This week in politics: The Obamas have a very good week! President Obama launched his initiative to help minority boys and young men succeed in life (if they take him up on the offer), and First Lady Michelle Obama wins big against Big Sugar in rewriting Nutrition labels to make us all more aware of hidden sugars that are making us obese.

In Gay/Christian news – we find out why people 18-34 are leaving church and Christianity (HINT: It’s because of how gays are treated in many churches).

Finally, I respond to Dr. James David Manning’s video where he discusses how President Obama is releasing gay “homo demons” into America and is helped along by “white homos” who take black men from black women. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP! I laughed so loudly when I first saw the video.

I hope you laugh and nod a lot with this one I made for you. Enjoy and thanks for watching! (Please make sure you like, subscribe, and advertise it.) We all need a little more gay love. Share the love, y’all!

Episode 44

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