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Obamacare Enrollment Deadline Is March 31! Enroll Today!

Sign up. Get covered. You never know when you’ll need it, even if you’re happy, healthy, and 27 years old. I had walking pneumonia at 22 and thank God for my mom’s insurance policy that I was on at the time. I might not have been here to write this blog post today otherwise.

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Episode 46 | Ebony Magazine Has Lost Its Mind…and Self-Respect

I really lay into Ebony Magazine and conservatives (Hey, Reince Priebus!) for the hit job done on Ebony’s Senior Digital Media Editor, Jamilah Lamieux. The hit was done by the GOP, conservatives on Twitter, Raffi Williams, Ben Carson, and Ebony Magazine itself, sadly. I’m tired of blacks being silenced for calling out racism. And I say so.

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Episode 45 | Fred Phelps Is Dead At Last

This week I talk about Fred Phelps’s death and what that means (or doesn’t mean). I also briefly cover the success of Obamacare, some good news on Grindr, and a desire to take James David Manning to task over this “white homo demon” thing.

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