Obamacare Enrollment Deadline Is March 31! Enroll Today!

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Supreme Court Health Care

I just wanted to blog about the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and the enrollment deadline for today March 31, 2014. I know this is a contentious law and Republican efforts to stop it are nothing more than them not getting the law out first (even though the individual mandate [a Conservative Republican idea] was President Obama’s attempt at bi-partisanship for the law) because they were okay with health insurers being robber barons in the marketplace and effectively being able to bankrupt and kill people whenever they felt like cutting off their insurance.

I know of three people whose rates went up with Obamacare, and two of them were victims of Republican governors not expanding Medicaid, which would have helped them. The rest of the people who have to pay for health insurance due to Obamacare now are doing it happily because they had not had coverage before. If they got sick, they’d better hope it was a cold and not bacterial bronchitis or pneumonia. If they had a cancer diagnosis, God help them because they could not afford treatment.


This isn’t how America (the highest grossing country on earth) should be. It’s like we don’t care about our citizens and we’re playing The Hunger Games with health insurance because certain people can afford coverage and others can’t. “You don’t deserve to be covered if you don’t fall under these arbitrary rules set forth by insurance companies!” I (even as a kid) never got on board with the idea that a private company should dictate who lives, dies, stays financially solvent, and stays healthy according to its financial whims. That’s so grossly immoral, I don’t even know where to begin. People should not go homeless because they had to pay for an $80,000 bypass surgery.  (Furthermore, why does it cost $80,000 for that in the U.S., but only about $2500 for it in Costa Rica? That last number might be exaggerated, but still. Why? Why isn’t this law addressing costs of healthcare? Is that next?)

Yeah, we should have single-payer insurance in America. We should at least have the public option included as a sure-fire way to make health costs go down. If you have a non-profit entity in the mix of for-profit companies, and that non-profit entity will be cheap enough for everyone to flock to if costs are too great with for-profit companies, then I know that for-profit companies will reveal more of their mathematical formulas to determine why they charge so much for health care or they’ll reduce their costs greatly in order to compete. For health insurance, I’m on board with that idea.

Health Overhaul

Wow, that was a long tangent. Anyway, the Obamacare enrollment deadline is today. Sign up. Get covered. You never know when you’ll need it, even if you’re happy, healthy, and 27 years old. I had walking pneumonia at 22 and thank God for my mom’s insurance policy that I was on then. I might not have been here to write this blog post today otherwise. Get covered and live. Oh, and you also get a refund if you use less than 80% of your premium for health care. Score!

Sign up today! www.healthcare.gov

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