Conservatives Want To Save America

| April 2, 2014 | 1 Comment

But they’re going about it entirely the wrong way.

On the heels of yesterday’s Obamacare enrollment numbers success (!) comes news that the Supreme Court, in a butt-hurt 5-4 ruling, determined that rich people can contribute to politicians without limit. There was a law that prevented unlimited campaign donations to one candidate (aggregate donations), and now they have carte blanche to spend as much as they like to corrupt influence a politician to vote or create laws that benefit their interests if they win the election. The conservative justices of the Supreme Court also gutted the provision that prevented racial discrimination in former slave states saying that racism is a thing of the past, even though racists continue to call President Obama every racial slur imaginable. Really, guys?

 photo g011_two_baby_lions_look_at_each_other_in_shock_zps2d8fd96f.gif

I don’t pray for the death of the conservative justices, but can 3 of them have something happen to them that would keep them alive but unable to continue being terrible Supreme Court justices? We have a Supreme Court that believes companies and the rich aren’t corrupt enough to drag the country through another Watergate scandal just to get their way to drill for oil, poison land on which we live through fracking, and keep spilling oil in our waterways all just to make more money for themselves and kill off other Americans without a care. This court turns a blind eye to everything that’s going on around them, and I’m pretty much certain that they’re being bribed to rule in favor of the rich…because they’re all rich or heavily invested in those companies.

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There’s no other explanation other than they’re just that soulless to constantly offend the average American by supporting those who have openly declared war on anyone who doesn’t think like them.


Conservative justices and conservative rich people seem to have arrogantly taken it upon themselves to reshape America according to their ideology and huge egos. Fox News president Roger Ailes turned Fox News into a conservative American mouthpiece and now they just peddle wild conspiracy theories all day. They hate Obamacare (even though it was originally a conservative law in Massachusetts called Romneycare) enough to dedicate entire news cycles to its downfall and they were woefully unhappy yesterday (like after Election Day in 2012). Now their argument is “Who is paying for this?” It was about freedom beforeCharles Koch believes he’s the only man left to save America and make it a land of opportunity. The conservative Supreme Court justices lie to us and say they’re defending freedom of speech for corporations (which are defined as non-human entities) and now rich people to dump a bunch of money into election campaigns of people who will do their bidding like good little androids. 


This thing called the French Revolution kind of started the same way.

Pretty soon America will be a land of open oligarchy and voting rights will only be for those who are rich or own land. They’ll get as many votes as there are people living (or working) on their properties. Is that the America conservatives actually want? Probably. It makes it easier to have mindless drones go fight their wars and die. Right, Condoleezza Rice? She’s now a full-blown warmongering psychopath. Read that link.

Anyway, vote for as long as you can, true Americans. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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  1. Laughlin girl says:

    There is an old old saying “money talks”.
    A lot of Americans have their heads buried in the sand and by the time the pull their heads out it will be too late.
    America will not be attacked from outside for the downfall but it is going to implode from within– we are on the right highway toward the end… One may ask ” where is God in all of this”? I say right where has always been He has not moved– America has ( always been a land build in Biblical Principles–right? Wrong!!
    I think God is probably saying you don’t want me or need me you threw me out of you schools now they have just about gone to Hello

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