In Defense of Traditional Marriage

| May 15, 2014 | 0 Comments

I posted this to Facebook and Twitter yesterday. It’s just a thought I had about traditional marriage, the establishment of “Family” foundations and groups like the National Organization for Marriage, and the fight that many conservative Christians are engaging against gay people and marriage equality. 


If traditional marriage is indeed the foundation of a decent and thriving society, why have we made it a cavalier institution? It’s even treated as such among many Christians. Now everyone wants to define what “real” marriage is. Tough! You’ve had since the dawn of time (or at least 1969 [Stonewall]) to protect marriage by guarding against divorce, adultery, arrangements, etc. You failed. Gay marriage can arguably be seen as extension of your failure.

You actually succeeded first at redefining marriage by being so permissible with the aforementioned problems. Therefore, you can’t get mad about two dudes wanting to have an open marriage when you’ve effectively allowed straight people to do the same (and more) which doesn’t fit the Biblical definition of marriage, regardless of it being man/woman. If anyone changed the definition of marriage, it’s straight people for centuries, not gay people today.

I don’t ever recall anyone straight getting on TV and fund raising for their non profits based on trying to stop divorces and adultery.  I don’t see a defense of marriage (from trying to secure it as the foundation society claims it to be) as hate. I’m saying that if you feel that gays shouldn’t be married because tradition and the Bible speak against it, then why wasn’t more done to secure the foundation, if it’s such a problem for you to allow gays to marry. Why were you so lazy for so long? 

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