Muslims Are Dangerous

| June 12, 2014 | 2 Comments


As I watched Fox News yesterday, I caught Bill O’Reilly saying that Bowe Bergdahl’s father looked like a Muslim. Robert Bergdahl has a very long beard and learned Pashtun, the language of his son’s captors. Clearly, Robert is dangerous and I’m glad that Bill O’Reilly called him out on it. I mean, really, what kind of man does things to appeal to his son’s captors because he loves his son so much that he never gave up hope on seeing him again and did things to endear himself to his son’s captors in hopes that they would release him?

Muslims, that’s who.


Okay, I can’t anymore. I was trying to make this a satirical post but I’m too mad. (And no, I didn’t watch Fox News, but the Bill O’Reilly ignorant comment about Robert Bergdahl really happened.) Where do we get off using a religion as a slur? Let’s be honest, even since 9/11/2001 America has regarded Muslims as “the Other” and consistently used the word as a coded racial term to strike fear and hatred into the hearts of the most red-blooded Americans. President Obama was called a Muslim like it was the n-word. Muslims are always the first people blamed for any terrorist attack in America. If the person happens to be white, it’s mental illness and “we really need to help these unfortunate people.” If they’re Muslim (or any other minority besides Asian) then those perpetrators are playing to type, nothing is amiss, and we should just “round them up and put them all in concentration camps.” (I worked with a guy who said that after the 9/11 attacks.)


Like…how would that help anything?

I just want jerks like Bill O’Reilly to know that we see you. We hear you. We hear you claim to love Jesus and the Constitution in one breath and curse anyone brown and/or non-conservative-Christian in the next. You can’t claim to have unconditional love for everyone yet see a Muslim and seize up with fear and terror thinking they’ll blow up something. Yes, radical Islam is indeed a problem, but so is fundamentalism for those people who believe in a coming race war or believe in a conflict between the federal government and them. You’ve been hate-driven for 13 years now. It’s time to let go and let God. I always like treating people as individuals and letting them make buttholes of themselves on their own. Mass blanket persecution of a people never did anyone any good.

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  1. AWordorThree says:

    Good stuff. Especially pointing out that “If the person happens to be white, it’s mental illness and “we really need to help these unfortunate people.”

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