A Healthy Dose of Christian Skepticism

| July 1, 2014 | 3 Comments

I came across a tweet from someone I follow on Twitter where he tweeted 3 things about seeking an answer he hasn’t found in Christianity so far. I love this man’s blog because he blogs his heart and what he deals with in his faith, which is Christian skepticism sometimes (to me). His tweets inspired this post. Thanks, Mark.

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I think a lot of people think that Christians are supposed to be these perfect, sinless people, but quiet as it’s kept, just about every Christian I know possesses some level of ratchet and holds steadfastly to it. I think a lot of Christians are under the assumption that a Christian life and walk are free from problems. I’d posit that Christians have lives as hard as anyone else. Another erroneous assumption is that Christianity is about good feelings and you can get the same good feelings from booze. #NAWL I’m not happy with Jesus and Jesus alone all the time. I get down and sad and sometimes a Gospel song ain’t enough to pull me out of it. I neither “feel good” all the time as a Christian nor is my relationship with Jesus an immature focus on getting nothing but good jollies. What helps many of us get through is joy and strength from Jesus.

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In those moments of fear, neglect of the Bible and engaging God, becoming focused on little things, or even just reading something in the Bible or experiencing something in your life where you feel God let you down, you sometimes ask, “Huh?” That’s completely normal. Any Christian who tells you that they just have blind faith without ever questioning a thing bothers me. They’re not being authentic in their faith. We’re human. We’re quizzical and should want to know more. We shouldn’t be drones seeking a way to be free of thought and responsibility. “His ways are above our ways” doesn’t cut it many times. I want an answer!


So, here are five things I struggle with but believe God knows best, but pray for an answer, but right now still have questions, anger, confusion, and frustration.

1. I know that human beings have free will and like humans, God loves “getting chose” (to love). But why does free will suck so much when there are mass shootings that take away kids who were just starting to live? No, God doesn’t turn human souls into angels, so stop that excuse. Two-thirds of the innumerable heavenly host are with God, so I think he’s good on needing more angels. Child soldiers, human trafficking, Rwandan Hutu soldiers with HIV and AIDS raping Rwandan Tutsi women and leaving them to die while the soldiers escaped to Uganda to get HIV medicine to live. Where is God’s love in all that? I struggle.


2. The Trinity. I get it but I don’t get it.

3. How life comes from life but there are gays and lesbians. We can adopt or kerjigger life, but it’s not the way done in nature for the majority of animals. (This isn’t self-hatred or a call for ex-gay therapy, but just a thought/reflection. Don’t gaslight me here or elsewhere. I think it’s natural for gay people to desire the same sex.)

4. Why we won’t eat chicken on the New Earth. There will be no death. How is this a good thing for eternity? (Half-joking.)


5. The grace of God that saves a person’s soul and allows them to have eternal life with Him whether they were a good person who accepted Jesus or were a mass murderer who killed 100 people over 20 years and converted right before the electric chair switch was flipped. I want justice and retribution for things like that. But I also want the same grace shown to me. I don’t like it though.

I’m not alone in my questions and struggle to reconcile things. I can read the Bible and see David and some of the prophets who also struggled. I completely understand where Jonah was coming from! I would’ve “peace-d out” God too. Jonah was actually #5 above. The early church struggled with some concepts and faith too. I’m in good company. We still believe. God hasn’t given up on me (I’ll tell my coming out story one day) and I don’t plan on giving up on Him, but I still question, wrestle, and struggle.


I feel you on this, Jonah.

I pray that he helps me see all of Him through it, but this occasional exercise is an entirely normal Christian thing to do. It doesn’t mean you’re turning apostate, agnostic, secular humanist, or atheist, it just means you care enough to know more, which to me is a hallmark of a true believer. Drones don’t care. Scientists question and discover all the time and they’re regarded as smart people, so be smart and work through your faith sometimes. I think it’s healthy. God will show himself to you. After all, He did say if you seek Him with all your heart you’ll find Him. Go forage for knowledge!


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  1. Laughin girl says:

    It is only natural for the human being to question GOD. He gave us a mind to ponder things, ask things, think– animals cannot do this. Man is the only one He blew breath into.. we are the only ones created in His image– we have a mind body and soul– animals do not have souls, if they did they would have to have an animal come n die for them, so they can have chance at eternal life and forgiveness of sins. John the Baptist is the one that baptized Jesus and He heard the voice of God identify Him as His beloved Son, yet while in prison, John sent word to Jesus to ask “Are you the One?” Yes question Him– It will make you a better and a stronger Christian. (Another thing on the animal world – a friend told me that a minister friend said that animals have souls, everything that God created has a soul. I disagreed with him because I told him, God created grass, trees, flowers, oceans, do they all have souls? I think not.) I am out—————-GOD IS GOD AND GOD ALONE,

    • jamin says:

      Yeah, I don’t agree that animals have souls, but the Bible does mention them giving an account to God and Heaven is described as having animals and there are animals in the New Heaven and the New Earth, so while maybe not a redeemed soul, God has other plans for them.

      • Laughin girl says:

        wait! I did not say that God is not going to use them I just said they do not, I don’t think anyway, that they have souls. The book of Revelation reads that Jesus is coming on a horse

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