God Doesn’t Care About Gay People As Much As You Do, Christians

| July 2, 2014 | 4 Comments


There is a belief amongst Christians (especially more conservative ones) that there has to be an all-out war against homosexuality because that’s what God wants.


*Black preacher voice* I just came here today to tell ya, Church (hah hah), that God (help me somebody) don’t care (yea hah hah) about homosexuality (yes, Lawd) as much as you do. /voice

Really. No, really. He mentions homosexual-seeming acts in the Bible a total of 6 times and each of those times was either a rape situation or something like sexual abuse of the body from adult males to children or things done in the worship of pagan gods where straight people tried out gay sex and were overtaken by lust and it had nothing to do with an emotional bond like they had with opposite sex partners. Being gay is more than sex, but y’all Christians only focus on male butt sex. God has WAY more verses that speak against heterosexual sex outside of marriage than anything gay-related, but there y’all go, as usual, picking on the sins of others without adhering to anything you’re supposed to do.


God can still use a gay person who loves him through Jesus. The gay person has access to the gay community and fits in well. They have experiences that are common to other gays and can be an example of how to be gay and be a person of faith, which doesn’t happen a lot in the gay community (thanks to the horrible treatment of gays by the Christian church since at least the Middle Ages. There are many gay atheists and agnostics around today because of the treatment they got in church growing up and coming out. Excellent work, Christians! [#sarcasmfont]).


How do I know this? I see it all the time and personally experience it. Who else is going to talk to gay people if you’re chalking them up as a lost cause? You refuse to engage anyone gay unless you’re telling them to stop being gay because God can make them straight (99.99% of the time He doesn’t, no matter how much that gay man at your church tells you he’s straight now). Then you throw God into it and tell gay people how much God hates them and their lifestyles when I read nothing about either a gay “lifestyle” or being gay being prohibited by the Bible. What is a “gay lifestyle”, by the way? Clubbing? Sex? Musicals? Wine tastings?


Society makes being gay hard enough and if religious conservatives had their way, gays would be put into concentration camps and exterminated. Your hearts aren’t even moved by gay teens feeling like they can’t make it as a gay person in this world and attempting or committing suicide.


This is y’all talmbout “God’s love” and sharing “the truth”.

Fellow believers, you’re concerned about the wrong things. Your concern lies in changing a perceived behavior in someone that you don’t like. Then you throw God into it like he co-signs with your shenanigans while gay Christians experience his love, grace, and have a more real relationship with Him than you probably do and that confident living in God’s love and grace pisses you off because gays don’t care what you think about them!

Yell until you turn blue in the face and protest every Gay Pride parade you see. Has any of that worked to stop any gay person from being gay? Wouldn’t you be better served growing from love instead of focusing on one perceived thing about a gay person that never, ever fully defined them? That is what God cares about – the heart. Stop banging gongs and clanging cymbals and care about the right things that God actually cares about.


Stop making Jesus do this.

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  1. Laughlingirl says:

    No words that I can say can say it any plainer than how you just said it.

    Do not put all Christians in the same boat some of us are rowing with Jesus while others may be trying to run on water to catch up. (Some will get this later.)

  2. pooki says:

    That’s not true

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