Twisted Bible Stories | Mary Was the Baddest Chick of the Bible

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Mary was the mother of Jesus (God) and was pretty much the baddest chick of the Bible. Sure, Sarah had a baby at 90. Jael helped Israel’s army using her feminine wiles. Rahab hid some people by using her occupation to avoid detection and negotiated a deal for her family. Delilah was arguably a freedom fighter. Athaliah was the first Queen in her own right of Judah (not a consort). Jezebel was just unabashedly evil. Esther risked her life to talk to her husband to save her people. Mary Magdalene risked being a more of a social outcast by washing Jesus feet with really expensive perfume, but she was the first person to see the resurrected Jesus. Herodias got a man killed after he preached against her sinful relationship. Salome was the niece that Herodias used to dance sexually for Herod and get John the Baptist killed.

But Mary? She risked her impending marriage and life by saying “Yes” to God…and it changed the world. Enjoy!

TBS - Mary

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