Ray Rice Knocked Out His Wife & Got Away With It

| September 8, 2014 | 2 Comments

I watched the Ray Rice elevator fight with Janay Rice just to see how bad it was. And it was pretty bad. The NFL is officially saying they hadn’t seen the video until TMZ released it. I don’t know how that’s possible when it’s their player and they could have seen it at any time they wanted. Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner, has either got to push the Ravens to get rid of Ray Rice or Goodell needs to remove himself from the NFL, or both.


What does that have to do with anything? What role did she play? Being a woman?

Ray Rice knocked out his wife (then-fiancee) like they were in a cage match, and then callously left her basically to rot while she was unconscious. This happened in February at Revel Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, NJ, which is now closed. Ray Rice largely got away with his crime. This video that surfaced today hopefully will change that. Ray Rice (of the Baltimore Ravens) got a two game suspension, which is less than players get for smoking weed.


Janay Rice and Ray Rice

There has been a lot of discussion on social media about what Janay Rice could have done to have deserved getting knocked out like she challenged Mike Tyson to a trial by physical combat. So, let me add my own questions to the mix and see if we can get a clearer reason why she got hit and get to the bottom of things. Ahem.

1. Did she burn the grits that morning?

2. Did she cuss him out about something she found on his phone?

3. Did she insult his mother?

4. Did she insult his height?

5. Did she tell him his breath stank?

6. Did she tell him she could do bad all by herself?

7. Did she ask for more money to spend on the wedding?

8. Did y’all know there was a wedding?

We’ll get back to #8 in a second, but I can’t seem to find a valid reason for her getting hit in any of my questions (or the questions/accusations I see online), so I guess there isn’t a valid reason for Ray Rice hitting his fiancée, huh? Hm. Imagine that. It’s not like she was bigger than him and beating him into submission in the corner of the elevator and he was trying to get away. This was just abuse. Janay Rice is a domestic violence victim who married her abuser (see #8). That’s classic abuse victim behavior and it’s hard to watch. This fight didn’t look shocking to either party. Sadly, it’s probably their normal. I’ve seen results of domestic violence in my extended family and never understood it, even when the husband and wife would fight each other, no matter who started the fight. Yep, it wasn’t all male-on-female, and both parties would forgive each other often, as Janay Rice did Ray, but that doesn’t mean that it’s still wrong and unhealthy.



I hope the NFL pushes the Ravens to get rid of Ray Rice. I was disappointed that my Ravens lost yesterday to the Cincinnati Bengals (of all teams) and I hope they know that ‘til they do right by Janay and other domestic violence victims, every Super Bowl thing they think about gon’ fail.

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  1. Laughlin girl says:

    No reason why a man should hit a woman
    NONE! Shame on Ray Ray

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