The I-G-G-Y Should Not Use “N-I-G-G-A”

| September 30, 2014 | 3 Comments

I read this story about rapper Iggy Azalea (who is white) wanting to use the N-word and saying that “ger” isn’t the same as “ga”, and that “ga” means arrogant person. She also said that it’s stupid that she can’t use the word simply because she’s white.


It’s really amazing how some white people seem to love using racial slurs that are offensive to other people.  We have Redskins fans (most of whom I’ve seen do this are white) who are fighting hard to hold onto the Redskins name like they won’t cheer for the team by any other less-offensive name. If you didn’t know, redskin was a term used by white people who caught American Indians who had bounties placed on them. It was proof that you killed a Native American. So, yeah, let’s just keep that name as a constant reminder because it really means “honor”.

Like “nigger” means “a really cool person”.


Back to Iggy Azalea. I am an Iggy Azalea fan since her mixtape days. I know that she had international success as an independent artist outside of America and that the U.S. was last to the party. She was so successful independently that she got enough notice to get a Wilhelmina modeling contract and it was partially due to her success musically. She’s young and has said some inexcusable things in her past with regard to race relations, but I think she’s ultimately clueless and her latest defense of the n-word shows no real thought process behind it aside from the standard “I don’t want to be called racist, so instead of stopping this racist thing I’m doing, I’m going to blame everyone else so that I can continue using it” defense. And it needs to stop.


Iggy, I love your work, but you’re wrong on this one. There isn’t a derogatory Australian slur that I can call you, but I can call you a heap of derogatory female slurs, but I choose not to mainly because I don’t want to and would never do that. I don’t want your signed artist career to be killed before it starts and you’re fast on your way there with lackluster rap performances at award shows, no apologies for your past inappropriate racial comments, how you’ve unashamedly changed your style from what it was when you were independent (you need that fire back, boo. Stop this pop rap pursuit and get ratchet again), and now your ignorant defense of using the n-word.

Mírame, you’re in a predominately black (publicly) genre with predominately black fans who hold onto it the most. Try using that word around people who already can’t stand you and you might be attacked physically at some point. I hope that doesn’t happen because I would want to attack whoever attacked you. However, if you’re trying to be revolutionary, this wagon ain’t the one to which you need to hitch your dreams. Pick another battle and leave this one alone. You’re not allowed to use the word because you’re white, and I know that’s not fair, but due to the racially charged history of the word, it sounds horrible coming out of a white person’s mouth, no matter how “down” they are or how they mean it.


And while you whine about how it’s not fair, may I remind you that slavery, racism, Jim Crow, and how your ancestors swindled the Australian Aborigines out of their land and homes wasn’t fair either. Considering the repercussions of those acts that exist even unto today, I think your NOT using the n-word is more than enough of a fair trade.

Besides, why do you want to use a racial slur that offends so many people so badly anyway if you’re not a racist? Stop. Stop it now.

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  1. Brian Muller says:

    While I agree with you, I must also point out that it shouldn’t be acceptable for ANYONE to use this slur. Hip Hop culture is part of the problem when young white kids hear it used on every other lyric. We must change it from the inside and say that it’s not acceptable for any artist (not just white) to use it. I liken it to gay people who think it’s ok to use the word FAG just because we are a part of gay society. If slurs are unacceptable, they should be unacceptable to all of society to include the targeted group.

    • jamin says:

      Hey, Brian. I get what you’re saying and I see your point, but I leave use of a slur by the maligned group up to that group to determine what’s best for them. I cringe at “fag” too, no matter who uses it, but not so much with the n-word, as it has honestly been used toward and by me as a term of endearment that just sits on another level than “hon,” “boo,” or “dear” from other black people.

  2. Brian Muller says:

    It seems to me that this only asks for more problems. What about the sizable growth of the bi-racial and multi-racial communities? Will we start engaging in a “who is or isn’t black enough” debate on a word that everyone has previously agreed is an improper racial slur? Just something to think about…It seems the easiest solution is to weed the word entirely out of our vocabulary.

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