What I Wish President Obama Would Have Told Me

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US President Obama Visits Berlin

My boo, President Barack Hussein Obama II, for whom I’ve gladly voted in two elections, has been one of our better Presidents, in my opinion. He hasn’t failed me as a citizen. I’m sure, like other Presidents, I’ll look back at his legacy and realize where I’m wrong on some things, but overall, I’m happier with him than I have been with Reagan, Clinton, or either Bush (and Bush 41 was better than Bush 43).

I wish that President Obama would have told us some things about himself before going into office. Overall, I like President Obama as our nation’s leader; however, the things I don’t like still stand out, but they pale in comparison to George W. Bush. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the damage that man did to the U.S. Anyway, I wish President Obama would have told us:

1. He doesn’t play political ball and grease palms with Congress. That used to be the only way to get anything done on the Hill unless you had a supermajority in Congress, which Obama had for effectively 3 weeks in 2009. He didn’t even grease palms of people in his own party and leaves working out their issues largely to themselves in Congress. It’s appropriate, but still…I just feel some kind of way about it.


2. He doesn’t express emotion often – if at all. Just once I’d like to see him take it out and pee on John Boehner’s forehead. I know he won’t do that, but man, I can dream.

3. He works on solutions in private way too much. Now, this can be a good thing and it mostly has turned out that way, but I still hate feeling like he’s doing nothing about things like Ferguson, ISIS, radical Islam, racist pricks in the U.S. literally gunning for him, tax reform, and getting me that darn free Obama cell phone (because I’m a moocher who voted for him twice) only to come out like a week later with a planned strategy that he’s already completed or is well on the way to completing. I guess I could feel comfortable that he’s “got” this more than I do, but President Obama, like Halle Berry said in that horrible movie, “Make meh feel guud”. Or you could Olivia Pope it – “It’s handled” – maybe?


4. He isn’t a visible Christian. I have to remember that he is more of a Christian in deeds and actions than other Presidents who professed Jesus but either blew their load in the Oval office on a deranged intern’s dress or started a war on a country that hadn’t attacked or threatened us, winding up with over 100,000 lives lost. Can’t he just get in the tither’s line for church offering as a photo op like any good church-going Christian?

5. He gives grace and mercy to people to let them fix their mistakes in their high-ranking jobs. The VA scandal took forever to get rid of top management and I’m sure that the Secret Service’s top management will be retired soon. While I respect his approach, sometimes top management’s inability to manage is indicative of a larger problem within an agency and those same people won’t make any necessary changes. (However, his approach to management isn’t responsible for anyone assassinating him, unlike what noted jerkwad Ron Kessler wrote in his Politico article.)


So, I like President Obama for sure but I wish I had adjusted my view of him to something more realistic before he went into office, and just let him be himself without squinting my eyes at times. I’ve been disappointed in some of these listed ways, and other ways listed are more of an “I’m not used to that. Change it to suit me,” thing but I get over it quickly. After all, President Obama is not the magical Negro of my dreams nor is he The One who will save America. Those people don’t actually exist. I guess I got bitten by the “Obama is my bicycle” just a tad too, like much of America. My bad.

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