The Christian Church *WILL* Accept Gays…Eventually

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Just my opinion –

Here’s where I think the Christian church will ultimately land on “the gay issue“: Acceptance.

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1. There is a movement of evangelicals seeing how their “hate the sin, love the sinner” views actually cause gays to hate/kill themselves. Sure, some Christians actually don’t care if gay people are killing themselves or if gay people leave the church because of how they’re being treated over something they can’t change, no matter how much they fast and pray. However, most decent ones at least take a step back when they see how they’ve hurt others (if they shut up and observe it).

2. So, ultimately, these Christians don’t want to be associated with people committing suicide for something that doesn’t seem to change, so they’ll stop. No one wants to be labeled a murderer, which is happening more and more as Christians tell stories about their loved ones killing themselves because of their “Bible-based” views on gay sex (which the person might not even be having). HOWEVER…

3. The church will boil it down to “If you’re coupled and monogamous or single and celibate, we won’t speak against you anymore.” It comes down to sex, as always, with the Christian church. This isn’t new.

4. Sex is the basis for any attack against abortion, being single, or anything pre- or extra-marital concerning sex before calling it a sin. The church (I’d say after 500 A.D. probably…maybe before) has always tried to regulate sex and control people through it. This won’t change now. I think there’s an attempt at understanding now and churches are adjusting to the change, but ultimate acceptance of it (and even gay marriage) is on the way, but it might take a while.

5. Finally, because this isn’t due to anything race-related, the black church will be the last group to the party on this. As usual.

The church has never excluded anyone for too long – slavery ended, Jim Crow ended, interracial marriages exist, and women have their own multi-million dollar ministries and churches now. All of those groups were kept down by the church for a while, but ultimately accepted. I think the Christian church will eventually accept gays with the same stipulations placed upon straight single and married people when it comes to sex. And those pesky 8 verses that seem to speak against gay sex will be “newly revealed” to show that they refer to lustful acts or rape, in which honorable gay men and women will not indulge.

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