What Heathcliff Huxtable, the Jell-O Man, and Ghost Dad Have in Common

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America’s Dad. America’s creepy, rape-y dad.

First, let me say that it’s terrible that it has to take a famous person for us to believe that rape accusations are real in about 92%-98% of cases. If we’re having such a hard time accepting these accusations about Bill Cosby, I fear for normal women who claim the same against your favorite high school football team starting lineup one night at a house party. Because y’all don’t seem to believe women (or men) when they say they were raped. It’s like the guy could say, “Yes, I raped,” and y’all would say, “I mean, I get why you did. You wanted to bust a nut. Sex over everything. I’m legally blind. Hold it dine. P.O.P.”


I believe the women accusing Bill Cosby of raping or molesting them. The stories are all too similar and the women don’t know each other. Two to eight percent of rape accusations are false, so taking 8% of these claims as false (out of 15) is 1.2 women lying. That’sstill 13.8 women telling the truth.


Now, we have Janice Dickinson (self-proclaimed world’s first supermodel) saying that Bill Cosby raped her in 1982. That was the story that pushed a lot of people over the edge. A famous woman had to step forward when so many, many women stepped forward decades earlier but we didn’t believe them or ignored them.


Bill Cosby has paid off a lot of women to keep away these rape allegations.

On top of that, here is an article of a woman who interviewed him and said that Bill Cosby came off as extremely creepy, and she’s even interviewed press-unfriendly alleged womanizer Jack Nicholson, who she said was a professional and total gentleman. You would think Jack would unnerve her more, but nope, didn’t happen.

So, how did we get “here” with Bill Cosby? Don Lemon called himself doing good journalism by asking why a Cosby rape accuser didn’t simply bite his penis while sucking it in order to get away from him.


She should’ve kept looking at Don like this for the entire interview.

My Sister In The LGBT Struggle, Don Lemon, continues his crusade of being utterly useless with sensitive topics in modern media. (Don, when being raped, one needs to stay alive. That’s the victim’s only job: Stay alive. If she bit his penis, it could have resulted in her being beaten up or killed. If I bit my rapist’s penis, I could have gotten a lot of HIV blood in my mouth and body or, as I was already being held and undressed against my will, quite possibly beaten up badly [my mouth was forcibly held open, so, you know, broken jaw or something] or killed.)

Don Lemon, like a lot of people, have a hard time believing that Heathcliff Huxtable, the Jell-O Man, and Ghost Dad could be a sexually violent predator. Bill Cosby is a family man with a Doctorate in Education. He has Camille as his devoted wife! Surely, someone like this couldn’t be a rapist who drugged women to have his way with them, control them, and manipulate them by exchanging rape for things like college tuition.


This is just a part of who Bill Cosby is.

The problem is that we often associate entertainers as their characters or as they appear to be while at work (on camera, on stage, on YouTube, etc.) as who they actually are. Fewer people know them in real life versus the rest of the world knowing them through their work, just like us. People at work don’t know who you really are at home and very few actually know the real you. We see glimpses of who we are in different forums, but ultimately, very few people really know you.

So, when taking these rape accusations into consideration, let’s separate Bill Cosby (in all of his entertainment personas) from William Henry Cosby, Jr., whose bad side a lot of women unfortunately got to know far too well. Maybe that would help us get perspective on how someone who comes across as warm, fuzzy, and cuddly could be cold, prickly, and dangerous.

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