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The I-G-G-Y Should Not Use “N-I-G-G-A”

While you whine about how it’s not fair, may I remind you that slavery, racism, Jim Crow, and how your ancestors swindled the Australian Aborigines out of their land and homes wasn’t fair either.


Activism Hijackers

If you have a hustle through activism, please stop. You’ll only reveal who you really are after a while. Activists stay the course, even when they get tired and they never turn negative about their causes. They’re passionate. I’m seeing a lot of folks on social media claiming to be activists, but never do any activism offline and they don’t use Twitter as a supplement for their activism the way actual activists do.

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Side-Eyeing Daniele Watts

Daniele Watts, a black actress who was in Django Unchained, was recently detained by police officers in Los Angeles (Studio City) and wrote a Facebook message about it alleging that the cops thought she was a prostitute simply because she was with a white man. But on the 8th day, God made TMZ and the truth.


Black “Respectability” Is a Myth

When will we stop the lie that black people were just more respectable back then? Maybe they were publicly, depending on where they lived, but black people have not always been on the same page with “respectability” just so that we uplift ourselves and white people will like us more

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Episode 51 | The Return of Naomi Campbell’s Edges

This week I’m going off about Ferguson, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, the police, the government, Floyd Mayweather (bum of the week), Ray Rice, Louisiana, Mark Driscoll, the Christian Church, ISIL, and saying something about the re-emergence of Naomi Campbell’s long-lost edges. I also celebrate President Barack Obama, who is my boo this week. Enjoy!

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Why I Stayed – My Abusive Relationship (Part 2)

He grilled me about my life choices, ambition, and educational aspirations all before the food came. No answer I gave was good enough and any questions about why this was important was met with “I have my reasons. That’s all you need to know.” He told me that I was lazy on most things…

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Why I Stayed – My Abusive Relationship (Part 1)

Many women wanted his number to keep in touch, but no one got a number, but he got all of our email addresses. Some of us provided resumes to him for potential jobs, but I wanted more. He stopped all contact with the women but emailed me back. I won!

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Ray Rice Knocked Out His Wife & Got Away With It

I hope the NFL pushes the Ravens to get rid of Ray Rice. I was disappointed that my Ravens lost yesterday to the Cincinnati Bengals, of all teams, and I hope they know that ‘til they do right by Janay and other domestic violence victims, every Super Bowl thing they think about gon’ fail.



I felt okay aside from back problems and XL shirts fitting too tightly. Then the elevators at work would do that “reset” thing whenever I stepped on board. Oh, and there was the problem of sweating after bending over and coming back up. Lest I forget the time I tried to have someone carry me and almost broke their back. Finally, I remember the many, many times I would reject someone because they weren’t fit enough and I wondered why I would attract someone like that when I didn’t look like that (obese).


The Nonviolent Movement Helped & Hurt Blacks – Part 2

Nonviolence overlaid itself onto the black race and didn’t allow us any nuance that other racial movements had. I’m not advocating shooting people dead to get a point across, but a show of legally owned firearms could send a message that you aren’t to be messed with. (It worked for white people defending that racist Cliven Bundy in Nevada.

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