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The Nonviolent Movement Helped & Hurt Blacks – Part 1

I have problems with the nonviolent movement that lead to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The movement led to some changes in law, but it seems like black people as a race became either tired after arriving, less vigilant, or – and this is a hated black people descriptor – lazy.

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Ferguson Almost Made Me Slip – Part 2

I guess this is a personal post as well as an update of my emotional state linked to events in Ferguson and my life. I feel like I’m crawling back, but the Lord might actually be carrying me. We’ll see how it goes. I plan to show up, though, and see.


Ferguson Almost Made Me Slip – Part 1

When I get in a bad mood and don’t pray about it, I’m prone to messing up (sinning) and seeking affection from some dangerous (for me) places. Now, if you want to know if I fell, slipped, and tripped…I came close.

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Should Gay Christians Be Celibate? NOPE!

If a gay person desires celibacy because of their commitment to God (while waiting for someone or while just waiting for God to call them home years from now), that’s up to them and I support that as a conscious decision. I don’t support celibacy being the only option that remains for a gay person to prove their Christianity just because straight Christians can’t handle a gay person being gay.


Israel and Palestine: Mad & Sad At Both

The problem is that this is way more nuanced and complex than Israel attacking Palestinians and killing them en masse, and way more complicated than “Arab Muslims hate Jews.” Emotions run high online when talking about this on both sides, so I sit back, learn more history, apply what I already know and try to grasp some of what’s going on here.


Twisted Bible Stories | Jonah: The Petty Prophet

How petty was Jonah? Petty enough to try to escape an omnipresent, omniscient God and then get mad at Him when he showed the same pity, grace, and mercy to 120,000 people and their animals after showing Jonah the same pity, grace, and mercy. I “get” Jonah, but my dude was petty.

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Fear of Dying Alone

I thought about my frustrations with being single right now. Sometimes I’m good with it, and sometimes I’m like, “Why me, God? Why do THEY get someone when they can’t even maintain an honest relationship with themselves but I believe and have been told I’m a catch and will make someone extremely happy one day…but I get passed over by those who tell me I’m a catch and they go on to find abusive relationships and call themselves happy?” I have a fear of dying alone right now.

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Episode 50 | Delicious Boehner Tears

This week: John Boehner goes off about President Obama over immigration reform that Boehner refuses to vote on this year and cries some angry yet delicious Boehner tears. So, exactly how can President Obama fix anything if you’re not going to make the laws, Boehner?

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My Ratchet On The Run Tour Recap

The show was great. I could tell this took some time to plan and the songs fit the theme of the show (Bonnie & Clyde) until near the end of the Bonnie & Clyde thing they were doing. They just broke out random songs then but it was still nice. Overall, this was more of a Jay Z concert than a joint concert.


Five Types of People You Shouldn’t Follow on Twitter

This is a small cross-section of my list of people to not follow to make Twitter a better experience. Basically, just don’t follow anyone who is angry and “shock” tweets every day (including holidays) from 8 a.m. until 8 a.m. and you’ll be at least 50% ahead of the game.

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