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Wild, Wonderfully Contaminated West Virginia

When is enough, enough? When will people realize that in order for capitalism to work correctly, there needs to be a proper balance struck between corporate responsibility and government regulation? ”Government get out of my way,” isn’t a good thing. If the EPA weren’t around, do you think the coal company would have said anything about the spill?

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Episode 40 | The Devil Went Down to Oklahoma

This week I’m talmbout President Obama being blasted by former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, but how we all missed that due to the Chris Christie scandal in New Jersey that is still unfolding. I also talk about how conservative Christians have really let the ball drop by focusing on political issues instead of Spiritual ones, which leads us to Oklahoma where a satanic group wants to erect a statue of Satan with adoring children at his knees. You’ve got to be kidding me.

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Chris Christie: Skilled Politician (Read: a Liar)

A few months ago, New Jersey closed lanes on the bridge and it caused hours of gridlock for people on the bridge every day. The bridge runs through Fort Lee, New Jersey, and people were crying out for Christie’s administration to open the lanes. The administration said that it was a traffic study. Here’s where the lies start.

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Don’t Tell Me Why You’re Mad, Son

I wanted to write today to ask you (and especially you) to stop telling me why you’re mad. Across the Internet, and especially in social media, people take time out of the day to be outraged about something.

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