Hooray For Hollywood’s Casual Racism!

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As we know, Hollywood has problems with race. Most casting calls are written for white people and it takes a miracle by God standing in the audition room to get a casting agent to propose someone else filling the role who isn’t white. This is mostly due to most creators in Hollywood being white. Thus, they tend to write what they know best, which is being white. It’s somewhat understandable, but if entertainment should be for everyone, then you had to be flexible enough to allow yourself to create, admirably and respectfully (get it validated for tone and intent and color with a friend who isn’t who you’re writing about), stories of other people who aren’t white. Marvel Comics had a problem with this in that every black character except Storm and Bishop was often killed. (Seriously, they killed Goliath in the “Civil War” storyline and that galvanized people to stop infighting. The black guy they suddenly care about is enough to get them to stop fighting each other because a clone of Thor went too far. WHY THE BLACK MAN GOTTA DIE WHOSE ONLY PURPOSE WAS TO BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER THROUGH HIS DEATH BUT WACK CHARACTERS LIKE MS. MARVEL AND SHADOWCAT AND THE CLONE OF THOR EXIST?!)


Over the last year we have seen a renaissance of black actors (and other non-white-race actors) doing well in network television. Granted, most shows and movies are still overwhelmingly white, but shows like blackish and Empire did very well in ratings and Empire is the first show in a while to get an actual increase in viewership each week it was on for its 8 episodes of the first season. Empire is unashamedly black and written in a way that appeals to mainstream America. People of all races love the show. The core cast is all black with the kind-of-exceptions of one biracial character and three biracial actors. So, this is all good news for struggling-to-work black actors and writers in Hollywood. Right? Right.


Howsoeverforewhereunto…Nellie Andreeva of Deadline, a Hollywood industry magazine, decided to write an article imploring Hollywood creators to PLEASE THINK OF THE WHITE PEOPLE! See, Nellie said that this casting of minority actors is long overdue in Hollywood, however, it might not be the best way to go about righting the wrong of about 95% of everything in Hollywood being for whites-only by casting a lot of minority roles in lead and supporting roles for upcoming and renewed network shows.


The examples she gives are Empire (which, granted, is FULL of black people…and I love it. My heart leaps seeing it. It’s been overdue), blackish (um…it’s the name of the show and it’s showing black life in a way that explains and includes all of America), and upcoming and existing shows that are doing well with like 1 or 2 black people out of a cast of about 10-12 people who are mostly white. Like…it’s like she wrote this casually racist article to say “Please don’t forget about the white folks!”


Nellie, girl, no. Just stop. White people in Hollywood will be okay because they’re the ones running the studios and still make up most of the content creators in Hollywood. If Nellie would look at web or the potential that it holds, she’d be REALLY upset because that’s where a lot of minorities are heading because they can’t get something through the normal network or cable avenues in Hollywood.

Nellie, get comfortable. You’re in for a bumpy ride if you’re already freaking out at a little more brown, yellow, or black on your TV set. Otherwise, get out of the game now and join the #WhiteGenocide people on social media. You sound like you have a secure seat there already.


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