The Top 7 Ways to Fix America

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At Bible study last night (where we were supposed to read two books in the interminable City of God by St. Augustine of Hippo, but I quickly crammed in Book 18 but I don’t think the other two people in my group read the two books we were supposed to read, so we just had a time of catching up and fellowship, which I actually needed more than discussing anything I read) we discussed police brutality and the problems with that and the problem with America holding on so fiercely to white supremacy. (Watch the video on that link, yo.)

In this group, which I’m grateful to God to have found, we also talk about the dangers of patriarchy, why being pro-life is essentially functionally stupid (considering the lack of concern given to a child after it is born into poverty and the lack of concern over the death penalty) and things like how being against marriage equality doesn’t make sense if you’re also not campaigning against divorce rates, which do more to damage the “foundation of America” than two people of the same sex agreeing to a business decision involving two independent entities that has to be called marriage legally to confer the same rights and responsibilities…even though marriage, legally, is nothing more than a civil union joining together two independent business entities.


Just think about it for a few seconds…


This got me thinking. What else do we need to fix America to get it back on track? I have a list. What are your ideas?

  1. Christians establishing a proper relationship with Jesus (I even struggle with this. Sometimes I hit. Sometimes I miss.) One thing that can help is a short-term missions trip to a 3rd world country. Yo, my eyes have seen the glory of the truth of a global God. American Christianity is very warped when you see what it’s like in countries where it’s not “cool” to be a Christian.
  2. Stop discrimination against gay people and reducing them to a sex act because you would never define your heterosexuality as a sex act. You view yourself as a whole person and should view lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender (which has nothing to do with sexual orientation) as such. Destroy homo-/bi-/trans-phobias.


    How is she a threat?

  3. Caring for the poor. Anything less than a living wage is not Biblical or Christ-like. It’s greedy and it’s sinful and it needs to stop. What’s wrong with everyone doing well economically in their own microcosms? What happened to upward mobility in America? We say that minimum wage workers should want more out of life than a minimum wage job. About that: 1) If they want to keep working minimum wage jobs forever, that’s on them and fully within their rights as Americans. However, that job should provide their financial needs so that they don’t have to also be in welfare while they work. That’s the way to cut welfare benefits – reduce the need for them. 2) How can they “do better” than minimum wage if all the rich people keep sucking up all the money and keep taking it away from whatever educational benefit programs that could help someone rise above their station?
  4. Stop idolizing the wrong people. I heard Amber Rose (who I actually like) and Kim Kardashian say that so many little girls look up to them for what they do. WHAT DO YOU DO, LADIES?! How have you been influential in things that matter? Actually, don’t idolize anyone, but look up to/respect arguably better people. I mean, Michelle Obama exists. Ruth Bader Ginsberg exists. I exist. (smile) There are better choices.


    Look up to her.

  5. Stop focusing on this grand idea of what America could be and acting like you can actually live in that world. Live in the realities of the world and country today. That means that relinquishing ideologies and focusing on what’s happening; coming together and working toward common goals knowing that we’re imperfect humans and it won’t be a perfect outcome, but we should be better off than we were before. Stop the us v. them rhetoric when we’re all in this together.
  6. Destroy white supremacy and watch the justice system be fairer.
  7. Destroy patriarchy and watch the world be fairer for women AND men.


Anything else to add? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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