Bruce Jenner, Caitlyn Jenner, and Mike Huckabee Walk Into a Bar…

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“Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…”

Okay, but really, I was not going to blog about Bruce Jenner coming out as a woman who is now known as Caitlyn Jenner because social media and the American news cycle just have said just about everything ignorant and thoughtful. I really had nothing more to add.


#StunnaShades #BrokeTheInternet #WeDidntKnowOrCareThatKimKardashianIsPregnant

However, putrid pus-spewing former Arkansas governor and “Presidential” “hopeful” and Fox “News” “analyst” Mike Huckabee spoke up and “joked” that if he had identified with his feminine side as a teenager, it would have gotten him permission to use the girls’ locker room to change clothes during gym so he could see his female peers in various stages of undress. It’s funny! You see, the joke works because, clearly, becoming a woman just means that Bruce Jenner is more in touch with his feminine side and decide to radically alter his body, hormonal balance, social standing, financial standing, family standing, and anything else we can think of in order to live as Caitlyn Jenner. It’s really that simple! It’s just a silly thing of wanting to be a part of the world of women and seeing boobies. Thanks for walking us all through that, Mike! Whew!


Huckabee spoke up and now I’m compelled to speak up too.

Is Mike Huckabee serious? Of course he is. He sounds just like what I heard coming from the pulpit a lot of times from the church I left a few years ago. He represents a closed-off world that thinks they live in the real world. It’s a world where you’re so heavenly bound that you’re no more earthly good. Your only frame of reference to the world is your upper-to-higher middle class (or upper class) suburban life and any exposure to anything non-suburban is the occasional jaunt into the city for a football or baseball game once or twice a year using solely the “better” lines of the subway system or direct access off of the Interstate. Your life is all about safety and familiarity, and you don’t handle change well, as Mike Huckabee shows right now.



This makes me sad. As a Christian, Mike Huckabee is doing theeeeee absolute most right now and I want to dropkick him through the goal posts of life. I, too, was confused about Trans issues and transgender people, but I’m learning more now. I don’t fully “get” it, but I’m giving space to learn and grow and trying to understand even if I don’t agree fully with everything at this point in time. Why? It’s the decent thing to do. Also, I want the same grace and understanding extended to me. I still strive to love and love hard regardless because it covers a multitude of sins and wins the day each and every time over hate and fear. This is a perfect opportunity for Christians to shut up, listen, and learn, but apparently we won’t have peace from conservative Christians over social issues ever again until we somehow revert all laws and social norms to the 1950s America and live in Pleasantville, and everyone “knows their place”.


Hi, Caitlyn!

For all its worth, Caitlyn Jenner seems happier than Bruce did. I know what coming out does for people who are gay, so I can only imagine how it feels for people who are Trans (the two are not the same thing, btw). Mike Huckabee has a lot to learn about this and he’s not alone. It would be better, however, if he wouldn’t show his discomfort in the form of “jokes” that are simply unfunny hate speech coming from a man whose Savior lovingly and graciously commands him to be kind to everyone, tenderhearted, and forgiving, and love others as he loves himself.

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