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“Miley, What’s Good?”

I really hate myself and my life choices right now. Why? Because I’m writing a thinkpiece about two pop stars because people outside of their industry are commenting on their antics at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) last night, and I am not a strong fan of either.

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If #AllLivesMatter, Then Why…?

If all lives truly mattered, why are we “here”?

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This Is Why You’re Hated, Christians

t’s not discrimination if you’re no longer allowed to set the terms and limits for the discussion surrounding an issue. It’s not persecution because you’re losing influence and political power due to your bigoted views. Folks are tired and aren’t standing for the crap anymore.

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How To Recover From a Christian Sex Scandal

his happens a lot (more to conservative Christians, it seems) – a Christian takes a loud, public, obnoxious stance against any moral failings we encounter as humans (and, of course, say any reckless thing against the LGBT community) and is himself engaging in the same moral failings as the rest of us. It’s ultimately tragic that the lesson of YOU’RE NOT BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE is never learnt.

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A More Imperfect Union

Are we divided? Yes. More than before? No.

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Confessions of a (Former Hard-line) Conservative

The soul of America is constantly in peril and conservative values are all the stands in the way of Satan claiming victory over American souls and cutting off access to Jesus.

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