Confessions of a (Former Hard-line) Conservative

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Yep. I wasn’t always the alleged Liberal, free-loving, big government, pawn of Obama that you probably think I am. I used to be quite the Christian conservative and would have probably joined the Republican party (but didn’t because my family is full of Democrats and I followed suit until I became Independent in 2007, I think. I even next-day regrettably voted for Bush in 2004 because of fear but my state went to Kerry anyway) because I believe in personal responsibility and the theory and concept of a small central government because I don’t think government can solve problems the way it’s been used, but it can be a useful tool to get things done and assist where necessary. In order for small government to indeed work like it should, people’s hearts have to be in the right place and we just aren’t there, thus, government often steps in and makes laws to correct wrongs that could have not used their help all along if people just acted right. We could have laws to cement what is right, sure, but there wouldn’t be an uphill battle to be more progressive as a society if people acted right in the first place.

Also, the soul of America is constantly in peril and conservative values are all the stands in the way of Satan claiming victory over American souls and cutting off access to Jesus.


Today when looking at things that conservatives hold dear – immigration reform, taxes (which is laughable because no Republican President has fairly lowered taxes for everyone and still made government work), being anti-gay-anything, an public belief in Christian dogma, being soft on companies because they deserve a break for creating jobs, concern over everyone being our enemy and the U.S. needing to establish a foothold in the world to continue telling everyone else what to do so that we maintain our “light on the hill” status in the world, and American exceptionalism, I shudder that I used to believe all of that.

I’m mostly ashamed because it was completely fear-based. This is not to say that the U.S. doesn’t have real enemies. We do. It’s not because they hate our freedom or that Satan is using these people to attack us because next to Israel, we’re God’s chosen people and the most welcoming place for Jews. It’s fear that makes you think of all Muslims as being out to get you just because you’re an American. It’s fear that makes you not look at Canadians and others living here illegally as not being a problem, but solely focusing on brown people from “Mexico” (when people from all over Latin America cross our borders illegally to live). The ones who do live here aren’t all out to get you and all aren’t rapists and drug dealers.


It’s hypocritical to claim to be a nation that loves God but tortures “enemies” because “we’re in war, and that’s what happens in war.” It’s fear that makes you have to attack someone first when you have no proof they’ve done you wrong (WMDs there weren’t found). If God is really for you, then he hasn’t given you a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. (2 Tim. 1:7). Act like it.

A 1970 General Election poster for the British Conservative Party, with the caption 'We're Conservative'. (Photo by The Conservative Party Archive/Getty Images)

It’s fear that makes you think that a company worth billions paying more in taxes or being able to pay less in taxes if they hire more people they need is a direct parallel to slavery because you’re scared that they’ll leave the country if they have to pay more taxes and you might lose your job. And it’s fear that drives you to let Wall Street and polluting companies do whatever they want because they control your money and if they get mad about it, they’ll cut you off.

And the gay thing is just the worst. You say that America has a separation of church and state, but it shouldn’t, and that we should use the Bible as a guide next to the Constitution, but you say that a theocracy like Iran is sinful and dangerous yet because it would be based on the Bible, a Christian theocracy would be better for everyone even though you’d support versus that you interpret to mean that you can kill a woman seeking an abortion or stone to death anyone found in a homosexual act? Instead of getting to know people outside of your like-minded friends to help you get some grace, fear and avoidance are better solutions?

tgod speaks compassionate conservatism

What changed it for me? I can’t really pinpoint it, but I think getting outside of my comfort zone and meeting and befriending more people from all walks of life, plus God allowing things to happen to me and my learning from them changed my political outlook and opinions. For me, conservatism was an ideal that supported my notions of “Doing what’s best for me, as I see it, and everyone should get like me” versus “This is about more than just me” as I am now being more centrist/left-leaning.

So, if you think you won’t change, at least try befriending different types of people, getting to know them, and hearing their stories and seeing how good or bad your ideology impacts them. You might wind up more in the middle with me than you think. Stop letting fear lead you. It only ends in ruin.

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