This Is Why You’re Hated, Christians

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Lately, Christians in America are all over the news and in politics testifying that they’re being persecuted. Why? Well, teh gayes are out there getting married and raising kids and they shouldn’t be allowed to do that because…EWWW butt secks…and women need abortions to save money for a boob job. And other things.

Well, while minding my business Tuesday I ran across this article about Sweet Cakes by Melissa owners (the Oregonian couple who owned the bakery that was shut down over refusal to comply with state law and provide a wedding cake for a gay wedding – it was ruled as discrimination and they said it was an expression of their freedom of religion) taking evangelism to the bowels of the 18th dimension in which it was never meant to sit. Like, this is horrible.  To summarize the link, basically the bakery owners gave a cake to gay people saying, “We really do love you!” and provided a movie called Audacity in which gay people are called “lost souls” who can find their way to Jesus through “reparative” or “ex-gay” therapy as they’ll be “cured” of homosexuality.

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Let me repeat that: The bakers gave a free cake with a heart on it, saying they love gay people enough to give them a movie that “explains their views” on gay people being “lost souls” whose only shot at redemption is not Jesus alone but being “cured” of them being who they are (gay).

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HOW TONE DEAF CAN CHRISTIANS BE? “I just wanted to explain my views. America is about freedom for all.” Yeah, freedom for all is true, but gay people deserve freedom as much as you do. It’s not persecution because someone is doing something with which you disagree enough to tell you that they’re disagreeing with what you’re saying. It’s not discrimination if you’re no longer allowed to set the terms and limits for the discussion surrounding an issue. It’s not persecution because you’re losing influence and political power due to your bigoted views. Folks are tired and aren’t standing for the crap anymore.

Their gesture is not kind at all. It is all about pride, trying to dominate a conversation, and whipping a stinging barb at gay people under the guise of being loving. Keep that kind of love, jerks. It doesn’t help anyone. You’re already shaking down Christians on your “I’m just trying to be a good Christian” tour and online fundraising campaigns that raised way more money than you needed for a levied fine, and now you’re taking it upon yourselves to send offensive material to gay people? What if they send pamphlets on how to cope with jerk Christians? You’d say you’re being attacked but don’t see how you’re attacking gay people now?!

Look, Aaron and Melissa Klein, you’re not doing Christians or Christianity any good by your actions. Get out of your country club-like church mentality and actually get to know gay people WITHOUT ANY CONDITIONS. Watch your heart change and become more compassionate. Christians don’t need to follow your example because this is what gets us cursed out and attacked over something that’s honestly not that big of a deal. You’re no longer “in charge” on social issues and that’s terrifying.

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But get over it though.


I begrudgingly get it, but it’s not the place to single out gay people as the cause of the “problems”. It’s your place to engage those who are taking off with the conversations and changes and work toward solutions as a part of a group instead of trying to dominate and control it. You won’t win that way. Honestly you weren’t winning before. It was just a delay due to your stifling justice. Now the pot has boiled over and you can’t put everything back.

Get onboard with the rest of us or get left behind and get angrier that no one is paying you any attention. Also, as a Christian, stop saying you represent me or my Jesus. You don’t. The Kleins are representing themselves and no one else. Save the tears, Melissa. Stow the outrage, Aaron. Christians are hated because of people like you and your actions. Stop it. Now.

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