Dear Kentucky Court Clerk Kim Davis …

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I know you’re being attacked by proponents of gay marriage as being bigoted, hateful, and not clear on the duties of your job. I know you feel wrongly attacked and that people just don’t understand your commitment to a just God who will smile upon you as you stand your ground not participating in gay marriage by issuing the marriage licenses required for two people of the same sex to be married in state-sanctioned matrimony that has nothing to do with God or the church. I know you feel that marriage is a right given by God that no one should ever tear asunder and even if people don’t believe in your God when they get married, they’re still fitting the mold that God set up in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve so he can still bless the union, even if the couple involved want nothing to do with God.

A Baptist minister encourages anti-gay bigotry by awarding Kim Davis a plaque.

A Baptist minister encourages anti-gay bigotry by awarding Kim Davis a plaque.

I know you feel that your own history with marriage shouldn’t come into play because there were extenuating circumstances that led to your at-least-two divorces in your personal mission to compete with the Woman at the Well before you meet Jesus. I know you’re ignoring what Jesus said about divorce – “Wasn’t supposed to be like this, y’all. As a rule, don’t do it.” – because we live in the period of grace in the New Testament church and Jesus has forgiven you for divorcing at least two husbands.

I know you love the spotlight in the Christian right-wing circuit right now with a minority of people supporting your beliefs and views, egging you on by saying things like, “Stand firm!” while you, without a hint of humility or irony, deny gay people – and ONLY gay people – the right to happiness that you enjoyed at least twice already in your marriages. I know you’re not paying attention to separation of church and state as you openly invoked God into a place where He has no legal place (according to the Supreme Court and other courts of the land and laws of the land, AND the Founding Fathers); state-sanctioned marriage. I know you don’t realize that once the state started dictating what marriage is and isn’t that the church lost all input into marriage and let the state handle it because of the benefits that came with it that church people wholly enjoyed as a reward from God…that God didn’t actually give.


“If I do this, this will weigh heavily on my conscience that I signed a license for something I don’t believe is a marriage although I swore an oath to uphold the state law, which I’m now choosing to ignore. No, I’m not a hypocrite. Why do you ask?”

I know you don’t realize that marriage, as far as Kentucky and the Federal Government is concerned is nothing more than the joining together of two independent business entities. The church has nothing to do with it. Want to know why?

You should be very familiar with why. You have divorces that weren’t handled in your apostolic church, Kim Davis. They were handled by the Commonwealth of Kentucky in family court. Your church had nothing to do with your marriage or divorce from a legal standpoint, Kim. Why you’re invoking God into this is incomprehensible. I think if you think about it and all the divorce proceedings your office has assisted in expediting (which, again, Jesus said don’t do but you did it at least twice and helped others probably hundreds of times to process their divorces), you’d finally get it. As far as equal rights go, you can’t hold back marriages just because someone is gay. You’ve processed marriages for straight people in shotgun wedding situations, people who were only marrying for money, Atheists, Muslims, Wiccans, witches, Satanists, and Agnostics. Some of those people are openly hostile to your God, but you issued the licenses anyway because they were a man and a woman. That’s pretty shaky reasoning, Kim.


This is one couple who can’t get married in Rowan County, KY, now.

I think you can do better, Kim. I want you to do better, Kim. I don’t want to breathe a sigh of relief when you’re found in contempt of court and ordered to jail, Kim. (Because I will, Kim. Why? You’re acting like you’re a complete and utter SuperChristian hypocritical idiot who is doing the most and a waste of air in the court system and I wish you’d just quit your job because you’re representing Kentucky and Jesus in a piss-poor fashion.) I want you to be a better woman, Kim. I want you to be a better Christian, at-least-twice divorced Kim. I want you to stop looking so oppressed and musty, Kim. Your looks aren’t gonna get you paid. Because you’re not that cute and your hair is uneven. You look dusty.

That was rude.

Now you know how it feels.


“Do your job!”

Stop being musty in your heart, beloved. Improve. Let it go. This ain’t the hill to die on and no one gay is respecting your “love for Jesus” while you stomp on their necks. All their accusations and insults being hurled at you right now are 100% right. Stop being mean. Bathe in the waters of renewed awareness with the body scrub of treating people right. It’s actually Biblically sound to quit your job because you’re refusing to obey authorities placed over you. You’re not being prevented from evangelizing or worshiping Jesus. You’re making people suffer for your name and pride alone. You’re causing pain. Do your job or quit.


With love,


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