The God Dilemma

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With news of Martin Shkreli, the sociopath hedge fund manager who jacked up the price of an AIDS-related parasitic infection drug over 5000% saying that he would use the profits from the drug to research better ways of handling the rare parasitic infection that it’s used to treat, some social media users tweeted Shkreli, calling him everything but a child of God and I nodded my head at some of the insults. #sorrynotsorry. He’s awful. Something in his eyes seems off and he comes off as an arrogant prick who is blatantly lying about using profits to benefit people for something that isn’t common enough to justify such costs. Doctors are on record saying that it’s a rare thing infection that this particular drugs cures and they haven’t been clamoring for better effective therapies for the infection. The use of profits to research better means of improved help for AIDS patients is a ruse. Shkreli has already been investigated and accused of doing the same thing to another company he headed and used profits from jacked-up drug prices to pay off investors from his last bad business. He’s not a good guy.


“Ain’t my fault.”

On Twitter yesterday, someone said that if there were truly a God who wasn’t evil and was full of love, light, and goodness, He would have already killed off Shkreli.

Oprah Winfrey during Oprah Winfrey Celebrates the Opening of the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls - January 2, 2007 at Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in Henley-on-Klip, South Africa. (Photo by Pan Media Agency/FilmMagic)

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I’ve noticed this a lot in the past few years with increasing intensity. There seems to be a misunderstanding of who God actually is. Would God allow evil people to prosper? Yes. Why, when it’s His world and He owns it? Free will.

Would you rather be a robot? Honestly. What fun would that be for God? He, like us, likes that you can choose Him. And for the concept of free will to work as something God gave us, that means that He also loves you even if you don’t choose Him. Angels and demons don’t get that choice anymore. Their free will was wiped out when Lucifer rebelled and started a war he had no hope of ever winning, even though he was fully convinced he would. (Sidenote: Um…God spoke existence into existence and you thought you’d win against that? Bruh.)


Why do evil people prosper when God is in control? Free will again. God does about 99% of the things he does through people who choose to be used by Him. Aside from making the world on Day 1, God has always worked through people and sometimes animals (Hi, Balaam’s donkey). Why was there Hitler, Nero, Genghis Khan, Stalin, and Dick Cheney? Free will. These people chose to be evil and driven by greed, power, money, and all sorts of vices. They chose these things to the detriment of others. Did God love them even then? Yes. It’s how his love works, and I’ll admit I’m baffled by it and want to call b.s. on it sometimes, then I remember that I need it to function. Does it anger me that God is that gracious in the face of people like Martin Shkreli? You betcha by golly gee it does! But in His grace over giving evil people free will, He also gives them the chance to make the choice to get right with Him. It’s when they don’t that their ends come quickly and they are ruined forever. Hitler, Nero, Genghis Khan, and Stalin all died rather quickly in mysterious and often violent ways. (Dick Cheney might be cheating because he’s effectively a cyborg now or an animated corpse given life by an annual black magic ceremony performed directly over one of the 7 portals of Hell. Those are the only ways to explain why Emperor Palpatine is still with us.)


So, does God allow bad stuff to happen? The Bible says yes. Jesus himself said that God allows sun and rain to shine and fall on the good and the evil. Does this mean God isn’t real or doesn’t know what He’s doing? No. Not at all. I’ve never met or heard of a God more gracious, understanding, and loving than God. And bad stuff happens whether you believe in Him or not, so if He’s allowing people enough free will to make a choice over doing wrong or right, and you don’t believe in Him, who is the one who is really careless and evil? If there is no God, then that means WE are the vile ones. And that’s more messed up and irresponsible than placing blame for all that’s wrong with the world on a God who incessantly loves you enough to allow you the opportunity to get it right, whether or not you like, love, or believe in Him.

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