Like Lambs to the Slaughter: Conservative Christians

| October 1, 2015 | 2 Comments


I know several conservative Christians. I know some who don’t conflate their religion with their politics but I know even more who do. They make abortion a wedge issue and always vote their values over their politics (but somehow always vote Republican even if they’re poor and can’t get access to benefits that would help them live better while the GOP cuts said benefits). They feel like God blessed America because it’s a Christian nation and God blessed the Founding Fathers because they believed in God and were all Christians trying to set up a nation that oddly worked as an experiment in Christian freedom and liberty. You see, Manifest Destiny, while it displaced Native Americans, was okay because people expansion to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ is something that can be brought about on the end of a bullet.

It’s in the Bible. Somewhere. I’m sure.


Comporting with the lie that America is a Christian nation founded by men who loved Jesus so much that they simply had to keep slaves and build the nation on their backs, blood, and bones while forcing those heathen Native Americans to live elsewhere because they were in the white man’s way, these people wind up doing things I don’t understand.

Enter this video:


If you can’t see the video, just click here.

I don’t understand it. Why would noted evangelicals get so caught up in Donald Trump’s money that they would associate themselves with him and pray for his success as a President of the United States and pray that a prominent black person would support Trump so that he could get the black vote (because black people apparently will just vote for him because some New MLK said so).

MK lambs_0

Conservative Christians, stop being dumb. Yes, you’re being dumb. You’re as stupid as Paula White, David Jeremiah, and Ken Copeland were in that video. They are people I grew up respecting in my faith. Now? I really want to know what possesses them to endorse Trump and not see through his gimmicks of doing whatever he can to get votes. The man CLEARLY shows no shred of Christian faith anywhere and believes horrible things about anyone who isn’t a rich white Republican man. (Frankly, Paula, I’m ashamed.)

What I would like to see is conservative Christians not combine their faith and politics. If faith drives it, that’s fine to a point, but honestly I think it should be a completely separate thing. Politics and faith combined will always let you down. The Christian Right (Religious Right/Moral Majority) even got let down after George W. Bush’s Faith Based Initiative didn’t work out as promised. Christian right-wingers were called dangerous and goofy. The Bush White House had no need for them beyond votes. They got thrown bones just to keep them happy at times. Christians who combine their politics with their religious faith are scarier than ISIS to me because you likely affect my life more than they do.

true xtianity

It happens every election cycle and you fall for it all the time. Wake up! Politicians don’t “owe” you anything. You’re not taken as seriously as a major corporate donor or lobbying firm who can put someone else in your place if you don’t perform up to expectations. It takes longer for you to organize to have the same impact.

Please, I implore you, do better. Be better. Stop being stupid. Stop praying over a man to win the Presidency just because he’s most likely to help preserve your comfortable Christian Country Club bubble of prosperity and never really having to know that other kinds of people exist in the world. Get back to what Jesus said matters – and that didn’t have anything to do with Caesar.


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  1. William B. Turner says:

    I certainly agree with your politics, but to my mind, the best solution is just to give up on christianity altogether. It’s philosophical nonsense from top to bottom and a tool that “white” people have used to oppress black and brown people for centuries.

    • jamin says:

      Well, that’s not gonna happen ’round these parts on this blog. LOL

      And it pre-existed colonialists misusing it to control people. People mess up EVERYTHING, even things not tied to faith.

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