Heroin Crazed

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*Blows on blog*


It’s been a while since I’ve written, but I’m back. For today. Maybe for good? I don’t know. Here are some updates:

  1. My friend Niki and I are doing a podcast. It should hit this month. It will be called The Awesome People Show and cover a variety of topics concerning current events, politics, race, culture, and some pop culture to stay relevant and competitive. So, look out for that.
  2. I am working on getting a short film produced. I have some equipment but no crew…so prayers for that to happen soon. I really would like this calling card to submit to festivals and network.
  3. I’m glad 2016 is here. 2015 was a good year, overall, but I was a very ratchet Christian last year. I embarked on a year of just “keeping it real and raw” and if you’re thinking of doing the same without God’s guidance as a believer, just don’t do it. You’ll stumble and fall hard and wind up worse off than the year before. I’m struggling with obedience, which wasn’t always a problem for me before but an immature approach to a year in my life made it a huge problem. I tweeted about how disobedience leads to much in the way of God having to step in in ways that you can’t even begin to fathom, and how it’s better to just obey when called on to do something. I looked at Saul’s disobedience in defeating the Amalekites and how he led the people to disobey God. God told Saul to kill and get rid of everything the Amalekites had from humans down to their pets. (No, really. Really.) This was retribution for Amalek picking on Israel when they were largely defenseless wandering through the wilderness way back when. An elephant never forgets, sure, and God clearrrrrrrly doesn’t forget when it comes to his chosen people. LOL Anyway, Saul kept choice livestock and items, and kept the king alive (whom the prophet Samuel later killed in front of Saul), and because Saul didn’t kill all the people he lost his kingdom and one of the descendants of the king (most likely) named Haman lived in Persia when Israel was in captivity there, which led to the story of Esther (Haman tried to exterminate all Jews) and Esther being chosen as the “winner” of a beauty pageant to pick a new queen for the king after Queen Vashti got fed up with being paraded like a piece of meat for the king’s meetings, and was exiled. Esther wound up getting Haman and his family killed and saving the Jews. This was all one big mess that could have been avoided had Saul said yes and just done what God asked him to do.obedience

    One big messy end of a year in my life that could have been avoided had I said yes and just done what God asked me to do. Now he’s prodding me in one huge direction (“It’s time now”) and a part of me wants to run away, and another part wants to try Him at His word. I think I know how this will go after last year’s obedience lesson. So, just obey, y’all. You avoid a lot of problems otherwise.

Now, for the title of this blog – Heroin Crazed.


I listened to NPR this morning and they covered the GOP Presidential candidates responses to the heroin “epidemic” that’s gripping the country. Personally, I’m having a hard time caring about this response to this problem when Baltimore has been known as the heroin capital of the WORLD for decades.

What was the response then? Nothing except brutal police crackdowns and harsh jail sentences. Now that white suburbanites are afflicted with this problem, they’re noting that the war on drugs strategy isn’t exactly loving enough to save the lives of Megan and Tommy (and they’re suffering enough with heroin addiction), so cops should turn to treatment versus arrests and jail time. And what’s happening? Police are listening!

White people are the luckiest people alive in America, I tell you.

This makes me sick! Where was any damned sympathy when black people were crying out to cops and judges for leniency for heroin and crack addiction arrests and punishments? And the media also sickens me with their coverage of it by not drawing the parallel to the one major difference this time around that is getting the justice system and politicians to consider other tactics: White skin. Then they call us crazy as black people for saying racism and racial biases exist in the justice system that is way too often unfair to anyone not white. This is a clear-cut example to me of how screwed up the system is for anyone not white, and you can’t say it’s better organization on the part of white communities. They have the same organization as black ones, but people seem to only care and look at response options when white people complain about something that affects them.

Black people? We protest peacefully and get tear-gassed just for standing on the street yelling for justice.



I’m so sick of this ish. May Megan and Tommy enjoy the second chance afforded them through drug treatment and gainful employment chances time and again that Tyrell and Danika won’t get until they’re 65 years old (minus the employment), long after they were forced to dry out.

Why, God, weren’t we all born white?

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